Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Precious Metals Refiner / Bullion Dealer

For over 45 years, Jack Hunt Coin Broker has been a national leader in scrap precious metal refining and bullion sales industries. As an authorized distributor of both the US Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint, the company is a wholesale seller of gold and silver bullion. Jack Hunt also has the distinction of being one of OtherWisz Creative’s longest running clients, having started our relationship almost 20 years ago.

Our partnership with Jack Hunt began with the design of the company’s visual identity, creating the logo, stationery, and the visual aesthetics of their marketing materials. The identity has updated over the years to reflect the company’s growth and respond to needs of changing media applications. OtherWisz created a number of websites, a daily email newsletter and web banners for the company’s online marketing strategies. To support the website, OtherWisz also designed and developed a scrap calculator app that helps dealers to calculate the value of the precious metals. Marketing materials created include sales brochures, line cards, and a direct marketing postcard campaign. A custom designed promotional package was distributed to scrap dealers nationwide. The Scrap Tool Kit, wrapped in branded graphics, holds a set of tools useful to Jack Hunt clients.

Recent event marketing materials developed for Jack Hunt include branded banners, table-wraps, and custom giveaways, including a custom magnifier to identify precious metal items and jewelry and encourages customers to “See Value Clearly.”


Jack Hunt Coin Broker


Logo Design, Branding, Packaging, Print Design, Web Design

Precious Metals Refiner / Bullion Dealer