University at Buffalo School of Management

MBA & LeaderCORE Programs

As a world-class business school that ranks among the top 50 MBA programs, the University at Buffalo’s School of Management needed promotional marketing materials to deliver the message of LeaderCORE to national and international business graduates. This professional development program helps graduate students develop the skills employers have identified as critical for future leaders. Our goal was to attract diverse and high-achieving students applying in a competitive and demanding employment market.

To promote the LeaderCORE programs, OtherWisz created a direct mail campaign, composed of an informational brochure, line card and a branded set of postcards. Our design team developed the LeaderCORE promotional imagery using high-quality photography of participating and graduate students with a bright and eye-catching color scheme, distilling the wealth of program information into a series of marketing touchpoints, using infographics and a clear, positive message that appeals to quick thinkers. A particular challenge of the project – all marketing materials needed to maintain continuity with the established UB Brand, a set of design standards that was undergoing a major revision at the time.

Following the LeaderCORE collateral, the University at Buffalo required a way to promote the variety of programs offered by the School of Management. Our team developed a series of posters for distribution on campus illustrating the different programs that continued the LeaderCORE visual aesthetic uniquely developed for the School of Management by OtherWisz from UB’s brand standards.

The complete set of collateral helps the University at Buffalo standout among a name-brand collection of top universities offering Executive MBA programs to international students in America.


University at Buffalo School of Management


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MBA & LeaderCORE Program