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Websites are a great tool for your marketing toolbox – one that allows you to reach a vast and targeted audience, albeit one user at a time. The question is: Are you getting the most mileage you can out of your website? Here are a few signs that your website is in need of a revision.

Company Growth

If your company has changed – so should your marketing. Revise your site to accurately demonstrate who you are and what you can do for your customer.

Negative Feedback

It can be difficult to listen to what people have to say about your site. It is more important to hear what they don’t say. Utilize an online users poll to provide you with the critique you require.

Downward Sales

If sales are down, compare website traffic counts to completed sales to see if your site has problems closing the deal.

Dated Appearance / In Need Of New Look

Whether you are feeling tired about your site’s look, (often a sign it is no longer a reflection of your company) or it lacks contemporary style, a redesign may be in order.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you rank high enough to drive visitors to your site? Even the flashiest site on the web won’t sell without the traffic. There are backend revisions that can be made from top to bottom before you decide to pay for placement. If your site already ranks well with search engines and draws consistent traffic, it is wise not to consider a complete revision. Phasing a project works well for a smooth transition as well as your budget.

After your revisions, listen to what your visitors say and consider their comments carefully. As a form of advertising, websites are a method to communicate with your customer. It is important to let that information flow both ways.

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