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Really good logos share common traits that make them successful. As with most anything these days, you can buy a logo online from companies offering pre-designed templates from which to choose. Grab a graphic, add your company name set in a snappy typeface, pick a color and you are done!

  1. But will your new logo stand the test of time?
  2. Is it representative of your field of expertise, yet unique from your competitors?
  3. Does it elicit an emotion or make a statement about your company’s missions?
  4. Does it illustrate what products or services your company offers? Probably not.

Your logo is the graphic identity of your company. It projects your image to potential customers before you ever say a word. If your logo doesn’t present a positive message about the type of company you are, then it is not a successful logo. When starting a new business, you carefully select a name to express who you are and what you do— your logo should be held to the same standards. A logo developed by a professional graphic designer will be more successful and a better representation of your company than one created by simply grabbing elements, typefaces, and colors and slapping them together. A good logo is based on research, competitive analysis and doesn’t rely on trends.

When OtherWisz Creative designs a logo, we take into consideration the following criteria that make for a strong brand and memorable logo:

A Clear Message – Your Logo Should Represent Your Company

A logo should be graphically descriptive and have elements that speak specifically about your company. A good logo will be memorable- upon a single viewing, people should have an impression of the products or services your company offers or the philosophy behind your actions. This is no time to be vague.

A good test of your logo’s integrity is the ‘fax test’. Place your logo on a sheet of paper (at a size of approximately 1″) and copy it through your fax machine. Do you recognize your logo, or is it a Rorschach test?
On a technical note, final logo art should be developed as ‘vector art’, which means it will not degrade in quality when scaled or resized.

Timeless – Classic Rules Over Trends

A successful logo should look as good in black and white as it does in color. Logos with simple and effective graphics have a stronger impression over logos with that employ gimmicks or use the latest Photoshop tricks. This is not to say that your logo can’t have a cool 3D graphic with that reflective spot on the top corner, but it better presents the same impression when rendered in only one color- black.

Adaptability & Scalability – A Logo for All Uses

Your logo should look the same in one-inch size (such as when placed on a document or a small object like a keychain) as when 20 feet tall (such as on a billboard). A well-designed logo takes into consideration the multiple uses that your logo may encounter during its lifetime; from stationary and promotional items to websites and video. Your logo should adapt to all possible uses.

If your logo doesn’t pass these criteria, it may be time to redesign. Call us today to see what OtherWisz can do to help create a memorable logo and strong brand for your company.