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All successful websites – those that rank high in organic search engine results – have one thing in common: they are consistently updated. The Internet is an evolving media, and your website must evolve as well. Websites need to be current or they risk becoming stale, and untended sites regularly fall lower on the list of search engine results.

“In a nutshell, successful websites are built around clear, concise and informative content.”

Maintaining currency with your content keeps your website fresh and lively. Simple updates that will grab attention include the following: What’s new with your company? Has a new product or service been introduced? Is there a specific product, be it new or improved, to feature each month? Has someone been promoted? What’s today’s news in your industry? These are all items that can be easily and regularly updated on your website, and this information is of pertinent interest to your customers.

Visitors who come to your site may have little or no knowledge of your company. So, this is your chance to positively shape that all-important first impression. Does your site make you look like a leader in your industry? Are you up on the latest trends in your business? Does the content make your business appear to be moving forward? A well written, informative website will create a strong first impression for prospective clients and will encourage your regular customers to return. A frequently updated site proves to any visitor that you are proactive and responsive to an ever-changing marketplace.

Some other content tips include:

Avoid Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes

Proofread your content before posting. Spelling and grammar errors make you look unprofessional or careless and can lessen your company’s appeal. Also, don’t overemphasize points with needless punctuation!!!

Content Should be Clear and Concise

Internet users are looking for quick and easy answers to their questions. They want bites that are easy to digest. People don’t have time to read long passages, so provide them with a few sentences of informative text as opposed to several pages of unnecessary rambling. Headlines and bullet points can help organize your material and streamline your writing.

Be Informative. Relevant Information is Crucial

Always keep in mind what visitors expect from your site. They want information, and your goal is to give them the facts without a lot of sugar coating. Keep them informed about what is happening NOW with your company – yesterday is old news. Customers approach your site thinking, “What can you do for me today?”

Write in Your Audience’s Language

Know your audience. Speak their language. Selling your company to skateboarders is different than selling it to biologists (unless they are street surfing biologists!). Prospective clients are more comfortable with companies and representatives that they can relate to. They want to know they can communicate with you, that you understand their special needs and can address their issues.

In a nutshell, successful websites are built around clear, concise and informative content. Current news and exciting offerings will engage clients, encouraging them to return to your site more frequently. Therefore, a well-maintained website is a profitable asset as regular updates raise your site’s profile and improve its standing in search engine results. This is an easy way to boost your business now and in the future.