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There has been a lot of buzz on the web about the death of the “big agency”. As current marketing strategies are being redefined by technology and the economy, the traditional agency model has had to adapt. A heavy-hitting team offering traditional methodologies does not always work in today’s fast-moving, cost-saving environment.

“Did you forget about the advertisement that was due today? Our small firm can turn on the dime to get that ad finished in time.”

As cumbersome agencies struggle to survive, how does the “boutique firm” – those with 10 employees or less – stack up? And what does that mean to clients in need of marketing services?

From the perspective of the “little firm with big solutions”, here is what OtherWisz Creative can offer your business:

Personal Service

As a small firm, our primaries will work directly with your company to develop your project. At OtherWisz Creative, Jill or I usually answer your phone call personally and provide one-on-one consultation. Our design team will come out to your place of business to learn about the services your company offers. By eliminating the middleman – no account representatives or salesmen – we streamline communication between our team and your company.


As a smaller and more compact group, the little design firm can bend to your needs (without extensive yoga training). Communication is simplified; with less personnel and paperwork to attend to we offer a quicker response time than large agencies. As an added benefit, little firms often work odd hours to ensure they will meet your deadlines. Did you forget about the advertisement that was due today? Our small firm can turn on the dime to get that ad finished in time.

Cost Effective

With a smaller office space and concentrated support staff, little firms maintain lower overhead costs. Specialized outsourcing enables us to tailor the appropriate creative talent (and its expense) that is best suited for your project. Our team of experienced illustrators, writers, programmers and photographers offer a multitude of options that can be custom-made to your needs and budget.


When the designers own the business, you know that good design is the primary goal of their firm. Our team is made up of creative problem solvers whose main goal is just that, solving your design and marketing needs. The designers are not just a small part of a large company; they are the company. OtherWisz Creative is an interdisciplinary design team comprised of many talents. We balance Mark’s expertise in graphic communications, websites and marketing solutions with Jill’s qualifications– which include architecture and exhibit design– to explore a project’s many options for success. Our philosophy of merging talents is carried through with every individual we employ. Based on our multidisciplinary design approach and because of our flexibility, we meld creative talent from a number of fields to propose a customized design team for each project.

Do More With Less

While big agencies try to catch up to the new advertising model, the rewards of working with a small firm are ideally suited to today’s economy and technology-driven marketing. OtherWisz Creative has been designing websites and online marketing solutions for over ten years, offering expertise and innovation only gathered by experience in the field. In addition to the benefits listed above, selecting a boutique firm to market your business should be based on your connection to the firm. Take the opportunity to evaluate your needs for the future. Big or small, you should feel comfortable with the firm that will design your visual brand and represents your company to the outside world. At OtherWisz Creative, we feel that a little firm with big solutions is the best approach.

This article also appears on the Ad Hub website. OtherWisz Creative is a member of this organization. You can find us listed under graphic design and web design.