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Using email to market your company produces profitable results when done properly. You can send emails to your current customer base or potential clients with information about specials, new services or product announcements, releases or updates or most importantly, to keep in touch. Email marketing is cost effective when compared to traditional mailing and can provide immediate and measurable feedback.

Email marketing has come a long way in the past few years, and by following some guidelines, you can see results. Here are a few tips when creating your email campaign:

Be Sure to Use Compelling Subject Lines and Headlines

Headlines should be a quick summary, crafted to be direct, to the point and entice your viewers. Use words like “free,” “specials,” and “bonus” sparingly, they can turn people off as too sales pitch-y.

Don’t Forget to Use In-Text Links

Links within your text are more frequently clicked on than banner ads. Banner ads can come across as well, advertisements. In-text links are content specific and targeted to your client’s needs and more likely to be clicked.

Be Concise and Straight to the Point

You should write your content in short paragraphs and sentences. Always check for spelling errors and grammar. Especially when you include industry-specific jargon. Tell it like it is and don’t go on and on and on and on…

Try to Send during Mid-Week

… even if it means delaying your release dates. The best days to send out your emails are on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Both early and later in the week emails have a greater chance to get overlooked, especially Monday morning and Friday afternoon messages. You will increase your conversion rates with timely messages. Be prepared.

Include an Option to Unsubscribe

It is considered ‘spamming’ if you don’t give the reader an easy out, a link to get removed from the email list. Not only is it rude and annoying, but it is well, rude and annoying and not a good image to project for your company.

Don’t Forget to Track Your Results

Our email marketing system gives you a full report on who opens your email, who clicks and which links and how many times, forwards and even bounce backs. Use this information as an opportunity to get to know your customer, and then, get to know them. …or it is all just a bunch of lip service.