Event Marketing, poster design, benefit, branding

This year, OtherWisz Creative has donated design and marketing services to two non-profits, helping to assist them in attracting attention to their yearly fundraisers. Both of these projects gave us a chance to put our marketing chops to work, have fun creatively and, hopefully, make a difference!

Bornhava, an early intervention and preschool program for children with developmental disabilities, introduced the “You Win. They Win. We Win.” campaign this Spring. Playing with scale and cleverly written copy, OtherWisz Creative re-branded this annual fundraiser with a set of posters each incorporating a child’s hand playing with a car. The materials strive to reminds the audience that every purchase of a potential winning raffle ticket contributes to Bornhava school programming & the betterment of the children and their families. Everybody wins when you purchase a raffle ticket!

Every year, OtherWisz Creative has the pleasure of helping Literacy New York Buffalo-Niagara in their quest to eradicate adult illiteracy in the city of Buffalo, NY by creating the marketing materials for the organization’s annual fundraiser, Cocktails in Character (formerly Coffee & Chocolate). This year’s promotional materials are designed around a set of six custom illustrations based on famous literary characters. Rendered in bright colors with a custom typeface set to match the tone of each character, these images are already a hit. By starting the buzz early this year, with a set of collectible ‘Save The Date’ business card-sized graphics, we hope this promotion will help to draw a record crowd at the November fundraiser.