Logo wall installation in architectural manufacturers office

Designing a company’s existing visual brand is always an exciting project. It gives our team the opportunity to direct how a company presents itself to the world, rewriting their unique visual language. Changing a company identity encompasses logo, colors, typography, tagline & messaging — these adjustments directly and subliminally communicate the company’s values and personality. This is not an easy task and it is one that comes with extensive research and a good amount of trust.

The new Boston Valley business cards highlight the bolder aesthetic of the new visual identity, with the antefix featured prominently and painted edges matching the brand’s signature red hue.

OtherWisz Creative is a business built upon the relationships we have with our clients, such as Boston Valley Terra Cotta. Working with this architectural manufacturing company for over 8 years has allowed our team to not only design their visual brand in 2010, but also to identify a marketing strategy that has been carried out through their growth. The team at Boston Valley trusts our experience, opinions, and the knowledge we have accumulated about their industry. As their position in the industry changes to meet the needs of their customers, the visual brand must mature to reflect that growth as well.

This summer we embarked on the visual rebranding of Boston Valley Terra Cotta. This is not a simple task – even with a company with which we are extremely familiar. The OtherWisz team developed a brand identity that looks forward to the company’s next phase without losing what made it what it is today.

During the brand update, their natural color palette was retained and reapplied to present a sharper, more modern aesthetic. The rest of the visual brand elements underwent a lengthy review and development process. Building on their original logomark – a sculptural antefix found on the rooftops of historic terra cotta buildings – the OtherWisz team designed a stronger, weightier mark that could stand up to newer applications in media. We balanced this bolder logomark by altering the wordmark to strengthen the emphasis on the company’s surname “Boston Valley”. Updating the brand fonts strengthened the logo for a smaller scale and simultaneously modernized the logo while retaining its connection to the company’s past. While Boston Valley works with cutting-edge technology, the terra cotta is a natural resource. We selected typefaces that balanced these aesthetics. The new visual brand was well-received as the next step in the evolution of Boston valley’s brand, seamlessly matching the current direction of the company and their place in the industry.

Once the brand was redesigned, we planned the rollout — an update to all marketing materials and brand touchpoints. We started with new stationery, email signatures, social media, print ads and event pop-up banners. Our next step was the complete overhaul of a content robust website that was launched in February 2018.

For more on our work with Boston Valley Terra Cotta check out our client portfolio page on this website.

Examples of print ads featuring the new Boston Valley visual identity.