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As time goes on and companies change, their brands grow and develop to represent those changes. Through our creative process at OtherWisz, we always return to our four key phrases as an anchor to the work we do: Ask Why, Look Closely, Learn How & Try More. Our methods are multifaceted, enriching, and at the end of the day, they are rewarding. Each one helps deliver our message: design is a process of unfolding — it happens over time and it can be transformational. As we reflect on the state of the OtherWisz Creative brand, the final phrase Try More comes back time and time again.

Try More: the power of taking your own advice

In the time that OtherWisz has been in business, we have been through changes both physically and visually. Just as we advise our clients to grow and change — we must also push our own brand in new directions. Previously, the OtherWisz visual brand was defined by a few colors, yellow with a range of grays. After much consideration, we decided it was time for a change.

OtherWisz Creative, Brand Update, Logo Design, animated logo, animated graphic, animation


Our recent step forward is more of a brand expansion rather than an entire rebrand. We’ve added more colors to our visual palette to energize our brand, while also providing structure and helpful navigation to different aspects of our website. The new OtherWisz colors help enhance the visual experience without distracting from what is most important, our client work.

The decision to include four colors was inspired by our branded holographic stickers, we found ourselves reflected in the magic of holographic foil. Comprised of yellow, red, green, and blue, the new OtherWisz look is polychrome.  These new OW colors reflect the multiple dimensions of our creative work and our processes.

An exciting and much needed website update

To bring the new brand elements into context, we created an entirely new website that encourages viewers to explore our work in depth. The four colors direct users to the different sections of our website, helping them gain a better understanding of what we do for our clients. Yellow is for work, red for services, blue for studio, and green for the blog. Our website’s homepage is a mosaic of different posts and photos that lead users into the internal pages of our website. 

OtherWisz Creative, Website Design, Brand Update, mobile responsive web design, user experience

Looking into the future

Now that we’ve been in our downtown office for over a year, our industrial factory floor feels like home. We take pleasure in the sunlight pouring through the windows, the hustle and bustle of cars flying off I-190, and the 360° views of Western New York: the cityscape of downtown Buffalo, the vista of factories to the south and the industry and abundant nature to the east. Our big dreams are reflected in the spacious, open layout of 19 Elm Street.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of OtherWisz Creative, and many things have changed since Mark and Jill started out in the quaint barn in the Elmwood Village. Though we remember the energy of the wooden structure as it reflected the outsider DIY feel of OtherWisz, we have embraced our recent changes as our studio continues to grow, our staff grows and we strive to best serve our clients.

Keep coming back to our new website for updates, there’s always new things brewing!