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OtherWisz Creative prides itself on showing up for the community — from time to time, we offer our design services to help local non-profits and causes in need. Most recently we have donated our time to ¡Te Vemos! a fundraiser and supply drive, hosted at Prospect Park in Buffalo, NY, garnering local media coverage.

OtherWisz designers brought our concepts to life in only one week — this was accomplished through timely client communication and the help of organizers. Though we prefer to take our time with design, in some instances we have no choice but to hustle, letting the deadline motivate us to create something meaningful.

A Te Vemos lawn sign from the fundraiser held in Prospect Park in Buffalo, NY

A ¡Te Vemos! lawn sign from the fudraiser held in Prospect Park.

¡Te Vemos! translates from Spanish as “We see you!” The message promotes solidarity and stresses the importance of preserving the dignity of people seeking refuge from crisis. Incorporating the English translation into the logo was important to maintain a clear message to multiple audiences. The mark is easily flipped upside down as a sticker or pin, making the phrases interchangeable depending on the desired orientation.

#TeVemos social media graphics created to promote the event online, asking people to bring items for local immigrants as well.

Social media graphics developed for the online promotion of #TeVemos

Supporting graphics for ¡Te Vemos! balance bold color, strong imagery, and a subtle gradient to convey the message. The color palette developed from the brand’s energized shade of red; the combination of the pure red with the soft, tonal gradient communicate collective outrage and empathy for those the organization intends to help.  The fence motif is a visualization of the issue at hand, but also alludes to the way people separate themselves from each other.

Unlock The Cages: A Rally & Fundraiser, Social media graphics created for the ¡Te Vemos! event

Social media graphics promoting the event online.

In an extremely short amount of time, OtherWisz Creative developed this brand identity for the cause as well as the additional promotional materials for the event, including social media and website graphics, poster design, lawn signs and stickers. Due to our fast turnaround with the graphics for ¡Te Vemos!, the materials were able to be printed in time for the event and can be seen throughout the event’s media coverage.

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Full size poster for the ¡Te Vemos! Fundraiser and supply drive, asking to join the Western New York Labor Community at the event in Prospect Park

The full poster created for the ¡Te Vemos! fundraiser + supply drive