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There is no better way to create an immersive experience than with exhibit design or environmental graphics. These large-scale projects come together with a great amount of research and planning from our team. Taking time to understand the background story or company message is always the first step in our proven Exhibit Design Process, developed by Creative Director Jill Wisz, M.Arch., whose experience in interior design, architecture and museum exhibits informs decisions at every stage of production.

Currently, we are working on an outdoor mural and a unique exhibit and interior design project for a multi-unit apartment and retail complex in downtown Buffalo. OtherWisz Creative has designed and developed exhibit projects for the Cheektowaga Police Department, The Buffalo History Museum, the Buffalo Sabres, and corporate clients including manufacturers, retail and software companies. Our exhibits and displays for the Buffalo Sabres include the Alumni Room interior design, the 40th Anniversary display at the Keybank Center, the Memorial Auditorium timeline at the flagship Tim Hortons store, and Forging a Connection: Your Buffalo Sabres 1970-1975 at the Buffalo History Museum.

Exhibit design, custom built displays, and interior design for the Buffalo Sabres by OtherWisz Creative

Exhibits and interior design for The Buffalo Sabres

Below is a brief introduction to the 5 phases of the OtherWisz Exhibit Design Process that we use to help guide our clients through these projects in stages of assessment, design, and production to bring their vision to life. These large projects often take several months, even up to a year or more to complete— but by following our Exhibit Design Process, we can keep projects on budget and on time by controlling the scope and expectations.

Phase 1: Consultation & Assessment

The initial phase is where the foundation is built for a successful outcome. Together, goals are set, the budget is determined and the timeline is developed. Having a discussion about our expectations with the client helps us determine a workable plan on both ends to accomplish our goals.

Phase 2: Research & Concept

This informational and visual research phase helps the design team best understand the framework of the story and how to present it. Initial concepts are designed and different visual styles are developed to present our vision to the client for feedback.

Phase 3: Design & Refinement

After the client has selected a direction to go in, the OtherWisz team begins fully flushing out the style and narrative for the exhibit. Using detailed space measurements, the mockup becomes more real and the design is developed to the final specifications.

Phase 4: Finalization and Production

After the graphics are set up and approved, there is a switch from creative work to the more rational and pragmatic production phase. This requires a keen eye for detail, making sure nothing gets overlooked as the final artwork makes its way to production.

Phase 5: Delivery and Installation

The final phase presents the moment everyone has been waiting for. After everything is fabricated and printed, the only thing left to do is install the work onsite. This is accomplished by our team of experienced installers to ensure everything goes as planned. Upon completion, a final walk-through with the client confirms expectations have been met.

By using our Exhibit Design Process we can assure a successful design and installation. If you are looking to commemorate an event, tell a story or promote your brand with an immersive experience, our team can help you to realize your goal.

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