A set of printed case study brochures with a custom sleeve for architectural manufacturer

In an age of computers and portable technology, we are always trying to find new ways to capture the attention our client’s customers with unique branded collateral. Longtime OtherWisz client, Boston Valley Terra Cotta was looking to present their newest finished projects to architects and facade engineers. To address our client’s needs, OtherWisz came up with a set of portable brochures and custom developed sleeve that highlights a selection of Boston Valley’s signature projects.

The five brochures are designed with the user’s interaction in mind, letting them explore a range of terra cotta products. Sized to be easily carried or mailed, the double gatefold brochures allows for a simultaneously compact object that can unfold to reveal a wealth of information. OtherWisz Creative provided both design and copywriting services for the Boston Valley brochures — the written and visual narrative expresses the flexibility of the medium and is meant to educate clients on how the design is carried out through the manufacturing process. The brochures detail each project’s specifications and background before elaborating on how the terra cotta was fabricated, including information on finishes, glazing and installation.

The Boston Valley case study brochures show how terra cotta can be transformed into innumerable profiles with a variety of surface treatments.

Developing the custom die for the brochure sleeve

The five case study brochures are housed in a custom designed sleeve ,with three cover options, printed on a premium, textured paper. This project required us to work closely with our printers to create the custom die that cuts the printed sleeves into the final shape. In the process of developing the die, our designers went through countless mockups to get it just right for print. OtherWisz Creative’s approach to design is thorough and detail oriented since even the smallest error can lead to larger issues during reproduction.

OtherWisz designed three different sleeve options allow Boston Valley the opportunity to curate their customer’s viewing experience.

Maintaining Boston Valley’s brand message

The focus of our marketing and brand development for Boston Valley is to present their work as a high-end product that adds long-term value to a building. The case study brochure set helps show their product in context while also providing detailed renderings, glaze and factory shots to illustrate their expertise. As new projects are completed, additional brochures can be developed and swapped into the sleeve keeping this set of marketing materials up-to-date. Since the completion of this project, the brochure set has been a hit among architects. People are able to view a selection of buildings that feature Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s products and get an inside look at the factory’s production processes.

The custom designed brochure set gives a unique viewing experience for architects and façade engineers looking to learn more about architectural terra cotta.