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OtherWisz Creative has always offered a full range of design services. As such, it is necessary for our team to continually adapt and grow to meet the needs of our clients. For instance, this summer we produced more video production work, animation, and package design to meet demand from our clients.

Over the past few months, our studio has emphasized our environmental branding and exhibit design work. This is because we see the continual evolution of our company lies in branding physical spaces, creating wayfinding signage systems, displays, and interior design. As a result, we are launching a new division of OtherWisz called OW|EN (check out our new website here!).

OtherWisz Creative has always designed branded signage for our clients as well as provided exhibit design services; creating displays and interior installations for the Buffalo Sabres and the Cheektowaga Police Department. This year, we are building a separate entity that specifically focuses on the design and project management of environmental graphics and 3D disciplines of design. The division is best seen in the completion of the Forge on Broadway project — where the full range of our services was put in effect in a new mixed-income residential development on the East Side of Buffalo, NY. OW|EN adds more specific value to the services that are offered through our company to manage the design, production, and installation of wall murals, wayfinding graphics, and branded interior and exterior signage.

Of course, OtherWisz Creative will still be available for logo and brand design, website design, and marketing services. OW|EN specializes in working with building owners, architects, and contractors to provide a wide variety of design services including:


Drawing from OtherWisz Creative’s twenty years of branding and identity design experience, OW|EN is the best of both worlds. Our environmental branding services help make your space into a memorable experience for your audience.

Otherwisz Creative Environmental Brand Design, location directory, signs for apartment buildings


Directional signage is ubiquitous in any space and the importance of properly designed navigation cannot be understated. Wayfinding systems and signage can aid your visitors in navigating your spaces easily. Additionally, you can utilize the functionality of signage for other communicative purposes. Our team is well-versed in the ADA Compliance necessity of these types of projects.

Otherwisz Creative Environmental Brand Design, exhibit design, informational display case for law enforcement


Designed for decorative, functional, or informative purposes, OW|EN display and exhibit design projects help visualize ideas to tell your story. Displays can take a variety of forms in order to get your message across. We have designed multiple exhibits for the Cheektowaga Police Department, Buffalo Sabres, and the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum; we will continue to develop stunning displays and exhibits as OW|EN.

Otherwisz Creative Environmental Brand Design, interior design, furniture selection, wall mural graphics


An interior space can take many forms. It is our job to assess the project and develop interior design standards that complement the space and the function of that space. In the Forge on Broadway project, one aspect of the design services we provided was the specification and selection of complementary furniture for multiple spaces.

OtherWisz Creative is here to stay, but if you are looking to explore additional branding options, check out OW|EN online at EnvironmentalBrandDesign.com. If you’d like to inquire about our environmental branding services for your next project, please feel free to contact us.