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Early voting began this past weekend in New York State, and in the upcoming weeks Americans will continue to cast their ballots in the 2020 election. In the midst of a global pandemic we will vote to choose the leaders who will shape our future at the national level and local level. It is crucial for Americans to make their voices heard by making a plan to vote either by mail or in person.

OtherWisz Creative will be closed on Election Day following the trend of businesses closing operations for the election. This effort began as a way to ensure that our votes count and to make the action of voting less stressful. Ultimately we (the people) believe that Election Day should be a Federal Holiday, and it must be stated that all Americans should not only be encouraged to vote but also provided with the proper access to make sure that we are all enfranchised to participate in our government.

So if you need to reach us on November 3, we ask you to please save your query or requests for the following day or reach out the day before and we’ll be happy to help. Now do your part and make sure your voice is heard!

– OtherWisz Creative Team

An animation of an "I Voted!" button, rotating and bouncing