Illustrated header graphic with digitally collaged elements showing a laptop on a table with a website pulled up. The mug says, "Design is a team sport," which is otherwisz's motto

Having an informative and content rich website is key to a business’ ability to thrive, especially in today’s market. While companies should always be mindful of their presence online, the current need for remote over physical interaction has made it crucial to have a well-built website to encourage brand awareness, facilitate transactions, and create a positive customer experience.

To this end, the OtherWisz team builds websites using a thorough process, working with your company to plan the site with clear intent; we make sure every element fulfills its purpose and hits the mark in both form & function. Each site we design is well-organized in navigation and layout to establish ease-of-use for both the customer and your in-house management team, clearly communicating the company’s brand and content to a targeted audience. (And if you don’t have an in-house content manager, we can help you maintain your site with updates).

Over the course of 20 years, OtherWisz has built and managed a lot of web projects. We’ve selected just a few of our past projects that exemplify the different avenues a website can take, all of which proved to be successful marketing tools for our clients.

Virtual fundraiser website acts as a touchstone for the event

OtherWisz recently developed a new visual identity for our non-profit client Literacy Buffalo Niagara when their Booked for the Evening annual fundraiser was forced to go virtual. In addition to brand and media planning – including a variety of digital marketing assets – our team designed a website for the event to act as the main hub for all related content.

The Booked website has an economical design, a single page that uses colors from the brand palette to define different content sections. The site’s navigation jumps users directly to the corresponding section of the page, taking visitors to the information they’re searching for. Throughout the design of the site, we incorporated custom illustrations created for the event brand as icons and background images, establishing points of visual interest as you scroll.


An updated website helps manufacturer manage information flow

One of our more involved website projects of 2020 (with a transformative result), was the redesign of the Rigidized Metals website. As a large manufacturer of textured metals with an extensive product line suited to many industries, Rigidized needed its site to be highly functional and intuitive for their clients. The first step we took toward achieving this goal was reorganizing the structure of the site to establish a clear system of navigation, streamlining the user experience.

The Rigidized website includes a large portfolio to display the company’s signature projects, plus a gallery of their metal pattern options linked to a sample-ordering system. Clients are now able to use the system to view sample swatches and easily order their selections online. The updated site also includes a categorized resource section that allows Rigidized to share detailed technical documents, product specifications and videos with contractors, architects, and building managers.


Architecture firm stands out from the crowd with a new portfolio website

OtherWisz was called upon to design a website for San Francisco-based architect and construction manager WilkArch that would distinguish the firm’s work from the competition and provide an accessible portfolio. We built a unique brochure website featuring large photos of their building projects – including a full-width image of steel framework on the main landing page, with a forced perspective that helps to draw the viewer in.

The WilkArch site navigation is simple and clean, with two homepage hotkeys that lead you to the Construction Management and Design/Build portfolios. The grand scale of the firm’s projects is showcased with large images that have plenty of room to breathe within a spacious layout, paired with minimal written content. While WilkArch’s site may not be the most robust on the internet, sometimes all you need to make a difference in your business is a solid online presence. The firm now has a mobile-responsive digital portfolio to direct interested parties to, an essential asset when presenting their work to a potential client.


an animated gif flipping through the pages of the wilk architecture website. the san francisco-based architect uses a basic, yet informative website to promote himself

Garden center’s updated website can grow in response to current needs

After completing a successful brand audit and update for our client Urban Roots, a local co-op gardening center, we moved on to redesigning their website. OtherWisz designed the current Urban Roots site as a useful resource for customers, advertising the location of the storefront as well as the plants and supplies available throughout the year. Making sure this information is readily available online (and easy to find) helps draw more interest and foot traffic to smaller enterprises such as this.

In response to the events of 2020, OtherWisz built an e-commerce addition for the Urban Roots website to add an online store. This allowed the co-op to sell products while the brick-and-mortar location was limiting its in-person visitors, in accordance with health and safety rules. In a few short weeks, our team worked with Urban Roots to get their online shop up and running, setting up a system that completes safe, touchless transactions. The co-op employees are able to update their online shop daily, managing seasonal product availability and inventory tracking in-house.


Given the importance that digital experiences have taken on in recent months, there is no better time than the present to build or update your business’ presence online. Whether you are an established company or a small startup, our team can work with you to design a beautiful (and functional) website that meets your needs and strengthens your place within the growing world of virtual business.

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