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As always, the new year calls for consideration toward how you will evolve your business marketing. Throughout 2020, out of a necessity, we saw a strong focus on virtual engagement across the board. With regard to the current state of the world, we can expect to see that trend continue, even if the threat of a global pandemic wanes. Luckily, there are a variety of touchless ways that you can enhance your marketing and continue to engage with your audience online . In this blog we will discuss examples of digital marketing to help you reach, maintain, and even grow, your audience. These essential components should be included in everyone’s marketing strategy complementing the more traditional forms of outreach.

Keep your web content fresh

So, you’ve invested a lot of time and resources into getting your website up and running, now what? After launching, get into the habit of regularly adding new content to your website. A website should never be static as it needs to be continually updated. An easy way to keep your website fresh is to use a blog to post about new products or services, case studies, customer feedback, showcase new work in a portfolio, post the latest news about your company or report on trends in your industry.

You should plan to add to your website’s content regularly — preparing your scheduled updates in advance can help keep your site on track to greater visibility on the internet. All of these efforts not only give your audience reasons to return to your website, but it can also help improve the search engine optimization (SEO) health of your website, drawing more traffic through organic search engine results.

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Maybe it’s time to open an online store

Considering the vast amount of people who are now staying home, being able to sell your products without people even coming into your store is a strategic advantage. We’ve previously discussed the importance of having e-commerce integration in your website, and that fact still stands. Now more than ever customers are looking to the internet to access your business in a safe and easy manner. For example, businesses saw a 21% increase in online shopping for Black Friday when compared to 2019. This is the year that you should be ready to harness the potential of a touchless shopping experience.

Don’t have a product to sell? You can still utilize the variety of features, plugins and widgets that can be integrated into your CMS website. These supporting tools can help facilitate your business goals by streamlining the process of communication through a chat software, or scheduling with a built in calendar plugin.

Level up your social media game

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, and you should be using it for your business. Business owners need to leverage social media as one the most useful tools in the digital marketing arsenal. The importance of an online social presence cannot be overstated – it is your direct line of contact between your business and your customers. Posting on social media is the most immediate way to reach your audience, create a 2-way dialogue and keeping them updated with pertinent information.

Maintaining your company’s social media presence may seem overwhelming. We understand that are many apps and social media platforms available to choose from, in addition to needing to understand messaging and what will keep your audience engaged with your brand. What you need to know is that not every platform is right for your company, and that’s fine. You want to be decisive about what platform suits your business the best, and intuitively select the ones where your audience will most likely be active. Remember, the most engaging content is what’s relevant to your customers.

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It’s not online marketing without an email newsletter

Having an email newsletter is equally as important as your social media presence. In fact, both components should be working together in order to create a stronger connection between you and your audience by relaying the latest news, updates or deals to your subscribers. Starting an email marketing list for your followers can help you get the word out immediately for special offers to a targeted audience. Remember, it can be easier to promote or sell to your existing audience then it is to find new customers.

Final thoughts on the future of marketing

To sum up, digital marketing is marketing. The virtual portion of your company’s marketing strategy should not be neglected by any means, especially in 2021. We have seen over the past year the strategic advantage that is gained by leveraging digital tools in your overall marketing strategy. We understand that this is a lot to consider between web maintenance, e-commerce, social media, and email marketing, especially when you’re focused on running a business. But that’s why we are here, to help you plan and strategize!

Let our team help you to develop the right marketing strategy that will work for your individual company. Marketing is not a “one size fits all” process, so let’s discuss a custom plan that works for you. OtherWisz Creative can give you the tools to effectively market your business in 2021– call or email us today.