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One of the advantages of creating a website to promote your company online is that it doesn’t have to stay the same. As a digital medium, your site is a powerful promotional tool that can be updated and changed at any time, without the need for reprints or physical production costs. From basic content edits to more involved functionality enhancements, OtherWisz Creative has helped several of our clients grow their websites over time to help improve SEO, traffic, sales, and overall usability.


Roach Lennon & Brown: Make updates easy with a flexible and robust website theme

The usability of your website is not only an important factor for the customer or end user, but for the site’s administrators as well. Roach Lennon & Brown is a Buffalo-Niagara law firm that came to OtherWisz for help updating their existing website. Shortly after we began, it became obvious that the backend functionality of their site was very limited; editing page layouts or carrying out simple content updates was much more complicated than necessary. There was also little-to-no search engine optimization (SEO) implemented on the site, making it impossible for the law firm to be discovered by potential clients through online searching.

To make the RLB site easier for the firm to maintain on their own, we rebuilt it using a more robust WordPress theme that would make future updates a snap. The design and layout of the existing site was replicated to ensure that no brand equity was lost, and we developed targeted data for every page to improve SEO. Since the RLB web overhaul, we’ve also implemented a designated area for news posts and added a new FAQ section that features over 100 legal advice videos. Check out their website here.

Urban Roots: E-commerce upgrade keeps a small store in business

OtherWisz designed Urban Roots’ base website several years ago as part of a full rebranding campaign, with the goal of making it easier for the gardening cooperative to reach their local audience. Urban Roots found themselves in a tough situation when the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. The busy spring season was right around the corner, but quarantine restrictions threatened to make it difficult for the small West Side shop to operate at full capacity. Urban Roots needed an online store up and running quickly so they could continue to take orders without breaking social distancing guidelines.

OtherWisz designed a complementary E-commerce shop for Urban Roots that fit within the existing structure of their site. The E-commerce platform allows users to easily browse the gardening supplies they want, order online, and pick up from the store. In a few short weeks, Urban Roots’ entire database of inventory was available for touchless transactions, which allowed them to safely make sales while minimizing the amount of people that entered the physical store. Recently, the site was further enhanced with a system for the sale of digital gift cards that can be redeemed both online and in-store. Find out more.

Mirabalm: Making enhancements within an established website builder

You may not have the budget needed to swing a major website upgrade – we get that. Fortunately, our team can often work within your site’s current content management system to improve its design and functionality, using the framework that is already in place without a complete overhaul.

This was the case for our client Mirabalm, a startup company whose primary product is natural adhesive remover for skin. Our goal was to update their existing Shopify-built website, which had limited potential for customization. Yet we were able to work around any backend constraints and successfully give the site a fresh new look by updating its theme and visual styles, adding relevant stock imagery, and developing new content that highlights the product’s benefits and instructions for use. A featured “shop” section on the site’s homepage makes better use of its built-in E-commerce store while getting the product in front of the user right away. Find out more.

OtherWisz Creative can help your business as well

If you feel like your website isn’t living up to its full potential, don’t worry – it’s never too late to make improvements, big or small. Contact OtherWisz: we can assess your existing site and determine the best approach for making enhancements that work to further your business goals.  Contact us for more information– call or email us today.

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