BNI Event Branding Animated Social Media Graphics

Event branding is an important tool for communicating the details of your event to your target audience, enticing attendees with a preview of what to expect based on visuals and messaging. When the Buffalo Downtowners chapter of BNI – Business Networking International, the world’s largest referral networking organization – decided to throw an in-person Open House to help attract potential new members, OtherWisz Creative developed a visual brand and marketing collateral for the event that would appeal to local professionals and business owners.

BNI Event Logo and Branding

Set the stage with a well-crafted visual identity

When branding an event held by a company or organization, the visuals and tone should complement that of the hosting parent brand. Our event branding for the Open House reflected the established BNI red-and-black color scheme, harmonizing with their existing aesthetic. The OtherWisz team began by developing a logo to serve as the center of the event’s identity; after pitching several unique options to the event committee, the selected logo – toasting beer pints paired with a titled speech bubble – was the clear winner. As the Open House was held at a local brewery, this ‘good beer and good conversation’ design was a fitting motif for its primary function as an informal, meet-and-greet networking event. The final logo was treated with an eye-catching red color field, black and white geometric shapes, and bold typefaces.

BNI Poster, Tote Bag, and Social Media GraphicsGet the word out: pre- and post-event marketing

It was important that this event maintain the organization’s professional reputation, conveying a high level of competence and accomplishment… but we also wanted to keep it fun. After all, attendees would be gathering in a brewery, not a conference room. To promote the Open House online, we created a set of branded visuals that were used on the Facebook event page, email invite, and social media posts. Social graphics and short animations used bold colors and compelling selling points to attract potential visitors and promote the advantages of BNI membership. The event logo was also applied to a ‘swag bag’ tote that attendees could take home with them, becoming another brand touchpoint that carries on after the night is over.

BNI Event Photo at Big Ditch Brewing Company

With the help of OtherWisz marketing efforts, the BNI Open House was a success. The networking event drew a sold-out crowd and brought together a mix of BNI members and potential visitors for a night of conversation, presentations, and clinking pint glasses.

OtherWisz Creative can help your business as well

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