A set of branded pop-up banners for Dalex Roofing include both vertical and horizontal displays

OtherWisz has been assisting Dalex Roofing with marketing services since 2016; past projects include brochures and pocket folder design, stationery, website optimization, and various digital ad campaigns for Google AdWords, Facebook, and NextDoor. We have refined Dalex’s marketing over the course of our relationship, developing a working set of brand standards for the company. This not only makes our job as designers easier, but lends a consistent visual language to the brand so that every touch point with their audience is recognizable as distinctly “Dalex.”

This past February, the Dalex team planned on attending a regional Home Show deciding it would be a good time to update their event marketing materials. They called on OtherWisz to design a new set of pop-up display banners and have them printed and shipped in time for the show – which, by the way, was only 10 business days away! Situations like these are where our project management skills come in handy, honed over 20+ years of experience in the graphic design field.

We started by contacting our vendors directly to get assurance that we could meet this timeframe, pinning down quotes for production options along with hard deadlines. The job was spec’d and approved by the client the following day. With some scheduling adjustments to re-assign other current projects, an OW designer was freed up to develop banner mock-ups that we reviewed with the client ASAP. The artwork was then edited based on the client’s feedback. Once it received approval, we built and uploaded the final files according to the vendor’s specs, and planned a shipping schedule that would meet our deadline.

Even with printing and shipping from 2 different locations, we still received the three pop-up banners a few days before the home show. This allowed the OW team time to perform our usual quality assurance inspection – unpacking and setting up the banners to ensure that the final product meets expectations. The banners were then documented and re-packed along with reference cards for easy identification, just in time for a Dalex employee to pick up on the way to the event.

This project was sourced, spec’d, designed, developed, printed, shipped and ready for the client in only 10 business days. Not an ideal timeline, but thanks to OtherWisz’s streamlined process and experience with managing multiple projects under a tight deadline, we were able to deliver.

Do your trade show materials need an update?

For your next marketing project, conference, or trade show event, call on the design professionals of OtherWisz Creative. We have not just the technical skills, but also the project management experience to get the job done on-time, every time. Please reach out to us at 716.882.3803 or info@otherwisz.com but try to give us more than 10 days!


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