Car Wrap Design, Soapbox Derby

The OtherWisz team is well versed in “mobile marketing”. We are not talking about smart phones and mobile devices, but vehicle wraps. Your company car, truck, or entire vehicle fleet can become mobile billboards for your business as seen in the designs we have done for Barrett Industries, Kenmore Development and Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

This month we got an opportunity to design graphics for a much smaller vehicle, a Soap Box Derby car. In case you didn’t know, the Soap Box Derby is a youth racing program started in 1933 where boys and girls, ages 7 through 13, compete in simplified cars built from kits. The cars are unpowered, relying completely upon gravity to move. Kids and their parents decorate their vehicles with numbers, stickers and graphics.

Car Wrap Designs, Soapbox Derby

Two in-process designs by the OW team

When one of our clients came to use asking if we could help design the graphics for his son’s car, we jumped at the chance. It is not often we get to design graphics for a race car, especially a small one, only 7′ long. We came up with a few concepts that we ran past the racing team. After meeting with the client, we refined the selected design and developed this fierce dinosaur graphic with added claw scrapes and a blue streak running across the sides and the top. For extra added coolness, we added a background of black scales that gleamed in the sun.

Ready for it’s debut at the Jamestown Area Soap Box Derby, this car design won Best of Show! We have won a lot of design awards for our work in the past, but this one was really special. Congratulations to the Wayfinding Moving racing team on their win.

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