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Managing corporate social media accounts is more than just tossing up an occasional post, wishing an employee a happy anniversary, or celebrating a national holiday with the latest clip art graphic. At OtherWisz, our comprehensive social media management service goes beyond the basics to ensure your online presence is not only consistent but also an effective marketing tool.

Entrust our team with your company’s social media marketing and management. We will:

Brand it — Personalize and visually brand your social channels

Produce it — Create, curate, and schedule relevant content and industry news

Monitor it — Watch your accounts to respond to inquiries or address any complaints

Connect with it — Establish a real-time connection with your clients and help you gather insights into your client’s needs

Empower it — Use it to drive traffic to your website

Market with it — Develop targeted advertising with deep analytics

We start by personalizing and branding your social channels to align with your broader marketing strategy. Our team is dedicated to creating and curating branded, relevant content that resonates with your audience. We take the burden of time-consuming content research off your hands, frequently evaluating trends and keeping your channels up-to-date. With scheduled posts, we maintain regularity in your online activity, boosting engagement. What sets us apart is our day-to-day watchful eye on your accounts, allowing us to promptly respond to inquiries or address any complaints, ensuring a positive and responsive online experience for your audience.

Increasing brand awareness in today’s digital landscape is crucial, and social media is the key to achieving this goal. Through platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can establish a real-time connection with your clients. Responding promptly with engaging content not only keeps your audience informed but also positions you as an industry expert. It’s a platform where you can effortlessly share your website content, eliminating the need for potential customers to search your website.

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By sharing industry news, your company appears more relevant, aka experts in your field. Likewise, social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website, generating valuable leads, creating community, and ultimately boosting sales. In times of crisis, such as a sudden snowstorm shutting down operations, it offers an up-to-the-minute communication channel to keep clients informed. It also provides an invaluable avenue to learn more about your clients, gathering insights that were previously accessible only through surveys and phone calls. Social media also enables targeted advertising, allowing you to reach specific audiences with precision. The wealth of analytics available through these platforms provides deeper insights into people’s interests and needs, helping you tailor your approach effectively. Embracing social media is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses seeking growth and relevance.

To ensure its effectiveness, social media management should be regarded as an integral part of your marketing strategy, not merely an afterthought. It’s a task best entrusted to a skilled marketing professional. Our team’s experience in research and development, copywriting and editing, graphic design, marketing, project management and scheduling take the work off your hands so you can do what you do and run your business. Let OtherWisz Creative help you
Brand it. Produce it. Empower it.

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