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As the curtains close on another eventful year, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon as a team at OtherWisz Creative. In our work, every project is a testament to creativity and our collaborative efforts. As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape of website design, branding, marketing, logo design, exhibit design, and more, there’s no better way to celebrate our achievements than by shining a spotlight on the exceptional projects that have defined our 2023.

Below are our top staff picks, where you’ll get an inside look at the strategies, insights, and creativity that fueled these remarkable projects. Each selection is a testament to the passion and expertise that define our team, showcasing the diverse talents that make OtherWisz Creative what it is. First up is…

Jill Wisz, Creative Director & Brand Strategist

Project: Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW)

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, ACAW, website design, graphic design, 2023 staff picks


Why is this project your staff pick for 2023?

As someone with an education in architecture, I always enjoy the opportunity to jump into learning more about what is new to the industry. I find the ACAW event and marketing interesting, presenting an opportunity to design across multiple platforms and media channels, a task I thoroughly enjoy for its organization and planning aspects.

The interdisciplinary nature of ACAW allowed us to go beyond traditional marketing, emphasizing the collaborative spirit of the workshop. This unique narrative not only added depth to the marketing campaign, but also resonated with a broader audience interested in the intersection of art, technology, architectural design, and experimenting with the limits of terra cotta.

What work/projects are you excited to work on/explore in 2024? 

I love developing systems, so I am drawn to all wayfinding and signage projects. Exhibitory and environmental design exists in this interstitial space between 3D and 2D design where you need to pay equal attention to communication and scale and how it is experienced.

Mark Wisz, Art Director & Production Manager

Project: Aurubis Wayfinding Signage 

Wayfinding Lightbox Employee Parking Sign for Truck Drivers at Manufacturing Plant, environmental graphics, branding, wayfinding

Why is this project your staff pick for 2023?

Creating a unified signage system for a 1.1 million square foot manufacturing plant posed a significant challenge. As the OtherWisz Production Manager, it was quite a planning and scheduling success. We started by thoroughly surveying the site to determine the most suitable solution. Next, we developed a system that fit within their existing brand. Finally, we efficiently coordinated the installation process. This project was quite a feather in our cap, proving no project is too large for our skilled team.

What work/projects are you excited to work on/explore in 2024? 

Currently, we are preparing for the fabrication and installation of a wayfinding signage system that we have designed for a resort in Lake Placid, NY. This project is poised to address the long-standing site navigation issues that have been troubling guests for years, while also strengthening their brand. With more than 350 signs involved, we are excited to tackle this challenge and provide a solution that will greatly improve the overall experience for visitors.

Angela Marini-Miller, Senior Designer

Project: NAWIC Website

The National Association of Women in Construction, NAWIC, website design, graphic design

Why is this project your staff pick for 2023?

We redesigned the website for the Buffalo-Niagara chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). This chapter serves as a valuable support system for women working in an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated. The organization’s previous site was outdated and had limited functionality, so it was satisfying to bring them up-to-date for 2023 with a fresh design that will help encourage new membership.

Did the project provide any challenges for you?

It was an interesting project for me as a designer because we built it in-house, so I worked on the website from start to finish. I was able to develop the design/navigation and then create the live version using a useful tool that produces dynamic and responsive websites without writing code from scratch. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about working with new software, which was a fun challenge.

What work/projects are you excited to work on/explore in 2024?

I look forward to doing more work with some of our nonprofit clients. I love to design for a good cause!

Erika Tozzo, Designer

Project: Michigan Street Baptist Church Logo

Michigan Street Baptist Church, museum logo, visual branding

Why is this project your staff pick for 2023:

I really enjoyed working on this project because we learned so much about the history of the Michigan Street Baptist Church and the significant role it plays in Buffalo. One of the first things that caught our attention about the Michigan Street building were the amazing stained-glass windows. They were truly inspiring and played a major role in shaping the design process and color palette for their visual identity.

Did the project provide any challenges for you?

The secondary vertical logo option posed a challenge due to its proportion. It was important to find suitable fonts that would work well for both logo options and be mindful while choosing certain font styles.

What work/projects are you excited to work on/explore in 2024?

I look forward to working on more website design and visual identity projects. It’s always great to create unique and distinctive designs for our clients!

Crystal Plourde, Designer

What work/projects are you excited to work on/explore in 2024?

As a new designer on the team, I haven’t been able to work on anything in depth yet, but I’m excited for the variety of different projects I’ll be working on! I’m especially looking forward to designing some future websites.

Lauren Makeyenko, Copywriter

Project: Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, marketing, copywriting, graphic design


Why is this project your staff pick for 2023:

As a copywriter, I found it difficult to select just one project that stands out among the rest. Unlike the designers, as a copywriter, my involvement in various projects has provided me with a unique perspective. However, one project that I’ve enjoyed is working with Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

One aspect that has made working with Boston Valley interesting is the process of understanding and embodying the voice and tone of their work. Translating this into compelling copy for blog posts, emails, case studies, press releases and ad campaigns has been an adventure for me that’s very different than any of my previous endeavors. The skills I have acquired through this collaboration have proven to be invaluable in the realms of branding and marketing.

Did the project provide any challenges for you?

Understanding how to effectively capture and convey a brand’s unique voice and tone is crucial in establishing a strong brand identity and resonating with the target audience. This doesn’t happen overnight, and for me, that has been challenging. You really have to take a deep dive into every client’s work to do this job well.

What work/projects are you excited to work on/explore in 2024?

I am a part of the team in writing proposals for potential upcoming projects. I am optimistic that a few of these projects will materialize, providing me with an opportunity to further enhance my skills and contribute the best I can to our work.