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Creating a memorable brand identity is essential for businesses and organizations looking to stand out in a crowd. A key element of this identity is the logo – a visual representation of a brand’s values, product or service offerings, and overall character. We wanted to share a peek into our process in creating successful logos.

A streamlined logo is clean, simple, and easily recognizable. It has the power to make a strong and memorable impression in a matter of seconds. The first step in logo design is to understand the client. The OtherWisz team meets with the client to gather insights into their brand, products, and services. This collaborative process lays the foundation for a logo that resonates with the client’s core message. With a clear understanding of the client’s brand and what sets them apart, our design team delves into research, exploring design elements that align with the client’s identity. We identify key visuals to ensure the logo will remain relevant and distinctive. It’s important to reconcile the elements tied to the client’s brand, of which there are often many that may have cultural, historical, abstract, or personal significance.

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Sometimes clients request an illustration to be incorporated into the logomark. This can pose a challenge as illustrations may visually represent the company brand, but they may not be suited for all media. OtherWisz works to design a logo that reflects the clients’ request in a format that is simple and scalable. It’s essential to avoid cluttering the design with unnecessary elements or intricate details that can detract from its impact. A complex logo concept may start with a lot of detail, then gradually get reduced until it reaches the appropriate level of simplicity – see our work with the DNIPRO Ukranian Cultural Center. The logo includes an illustration of Dnipro’s historic building that was refined from a photo and translated into vector art to be a suitable graphic element. Similar to this process was the logo we created for Joe’s Deli, which started with a photo of an actual sandwich. This image was hand traced, then was scanned and vectorized, before going through a series of edits to reduce a complex graphic to a simplified version that could work successfully as a logomark.

A well-designed logo should be versatile enough to be used across a variety of platforms and sizes, from business cards to digital advertisements. Our design team conducts testing before finalizing the logo to assess its scalability and ensure it remains impactful. Design variations of a logo may be required to accommodate different applications, such as a simplified version for use in small spaces or monochrome versions for black-and-white printing.

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A streamlined logo can serve as a powerful tool for building brand recognition and fostering customer loyalty. By following the principles of simplicity, clarity, and versatility, OtherWisz Creative can help bring your brand’s vision to life with a streamlined logo design that checks all the boxes. Contact us to get started!