Boosting Your Event with Creative Branding, Literacy Buffalo Niagara Meat Raffle 2024, Event Marketing, Visual Branding, Event Photo Booth, Custom Props

OtherWisz Creative recently had the pleasure of collaborating with our long-time client, Literacy Buffalo Niagara (LBN), to promote their Meat Raffle fundraiser. In 2023, we developed a comprehensive visual brand for the event. This involved creating a professional logo that encapsulated the essence of the event – something fun, catchy, and memorable. The logo served as a foundation for our design approach, guiding the aesthetic of all promotional materials, including flyers, social media graphics, and this year – a custom-designed selfie station backdrop and props.

Our design team meticulously crafted the backdrop, along with each prop, paying attention to every detail to ensure they were not only eye-catching but also durable for multiple uses throughout the event. We used high-quality materials, printing and fabricating in-house, to bring our ideas to life, resulting in props that were both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough to withstand the lively atmosphere of a fundraising event.

Custom Photo Booth Backdrops

These props not only added a playful element to the photo booth experience (utilizing puns and meat-themed imagery), but also reinforced the event’s identity in a visually engaging way. Attendees happily interacted with the setup, snapping photos, and sharing them on social media. The props became instant conversation starters and helped boost attendee engagement and further promoted LBN’s cause in a light-hearted yet effective manner.

Custom Photo Booth Props

Integrating the selfie station into LBN’s event shows the importance of cohesive visual branding. Consistency across all touchpoints – from the logo, website, social media posts and ads, flyers, to the selfie station – creates a unified experience for attendees and reinforces brand recognition long after the event concludes.

Custom Photo Booth Frames

If you’re planning your next event and seeking ways to make it unforgettable, consider the impact of thoughtful design and creative elements (like a selfie station with photo props.) that adheres to your brand. Don’t miss the opportunity to leave a lasting impression – let us bring your vision to life and make your next event a great success! Contact us @ 716-882-3803 or through this website.