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In the realm of psychotherapeutic protocols, Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) devices are pivotal tools in therapies such as DNMS and EMDR. One such devise, the TheraTapper™, employs alternating tactile stimulation through handheld pulsers connected to a control box. This gentle vibration provides soothing sensations ideal for therapeutic use.

TheraTapper™, website design, e-commerce, SEO

When a client, referred by the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Buffalo State, needed to quickly establish the online presence for the TheraTapper™ due to a business transition, they turned to OtherWisz for a swift and effective solution.

Through our concise web design process, including implementation of strategic SEO, the OtherWisz team designed and developed an e-commerce platform within weeks. This platform not only showcased the client’s ABS device, TheraTapper™, but also retained the essence of the previous branding and functionality. This transition was imperative in maintaining continuity for the company’s identity, ensuring a smooth shift for customers and stakeholders alike.

TheraTapper™, website design, e-commerce, SEO

Amidst a competitive landscape, simply launching a website isn’t enough. OtherWisz focused on positioning the new site as the definitive originator of the product. This strategic move differentiated TheraTapper™ from its competitors, establishing it as the go-to solution in its niche market. The success of the launch was strengthened by meticulous project management and close collaboration with the client, resulting in immediate traction with hundreds of orders fulfilled weekly post-launch.

The demands of a global clientele required a robust e-commerce framework. OtherWisz integrated specific features such as: an International DHL and FedEx shipping calculator with robust conditional shipping & payment options, quantity discounts, order export capabilities, PDF invoices, URL coupons, and user-friendly ordering instructions to enhance the user experience. Adapting to custom client requests quickly further underscored our commitment to delivering beyond expectations.

TheraTapper™, website design, e-commerce, SEO

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