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Commemorating 40 years of Barrett Industries with a custom designed coffee table book

Barrett Industries is a leader in providing innovative infrastructure solutions throughout the United States. In 2019, the company celebrated 40 years with the Colas Group. This milestone inspired the company to start an employee focused campaign called the “40 Weeks of Barrett.” To recognize the important contributions of their employees Barrett asked OtherWisz to design a […]

Is your website easy to find and optimized for search engines?

Taking into account the growing importance of online marketing, have you ever considered the efficiency of your website? Perhaps you haven’t, but there’s an entire discipline of digital marketing focused on improving website traffic and visibility, called Search Engine Optimization.

Helping Buffalo Businesses Run Using Digital Tools: Ecommerce and Social Media

Many business are persisting during these uncertain times and we are helping them to adapt, continue operations, and reach their customers in ways they hadn’t previously. This often means enhancing a company’s digital strategy or giving their customers a safe way to purchase products online with limited personal contact. Here are some examples of how […]

Expanding our client’s reach: adapting design to suit content in multiple translations

In our recent campaign for HOME, we designed bus advertisements and a set of brochures to spread information about the organization’s services, tenant rights, and landlord guidelines. HOME’s mission is to serve Western New York through the advocacy and enforcement of fair housing laws, education, and the creation of housing opportunities. The organization works with […]

Tell your story and promote your brand using custom museum exhibits, displays, trade show booths and interior spaces.

There is no better way to create an immersive experience than with exhibit design or environmental graphics. These large-scale projects come together with a great amount of research and planning from our team. Taking time to understand the background story or company message is always the first step in our proven Exhibit Design Process, developed […]