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How to Rebrand Your Company

The word ‘brand’ has become quite a buzz word; being tossed around a lot by marketing folks. But what exactly is your company’s ‘brand?’ Your company’s visual identity – your logo – is only a part of your company’s brand. A well-built brand connects, supports, and strengthens your company image with your logo. A brand […]

Email Marketing Helps You Connect with Your Client

Using email to market your company produces profitable results when done properly. You can send emails to your current customer base or potential clients with information about specials, new services or product announcements, releases or updates or most importantly, to keep in touch. Email marketing is cost effective when compared to traditional mailing and can […]

Small-Scale Design Firms Pack Strategic Punch

There has been a lot of buzz on the web about the death of the “big agency”. As current marketing strategies are being redefined by technology and the economy, the traditional agency model has had to adapt. A heavy-hitting team offering traditional methodologies does not always work in today’s fast-moving, cost-saving environment.

Does Your Business Need to Be Social-ized?

As Internet and social media marketing launches into warp speed, can your business keep up? Do you need a Facebook page? How about a Twitter account? Should you be blogging? These newer forms of online communication, known as web version 2.0, provide real-time interaction between you and your audience. This means that upon posting your commentary, […]

Interact With Your Tech-savvy, Mobile Audience

This is the age of the smartphone – at last count, some 33 million iPhones and millions of Androids have been sold – and a new avenue for marketing your company has been paved. Branded smartphone applications (or Apps, as they have come to be called) give your company a new opportunity to put your […]

Those Who Say That Content Is King Are Right

All successful websites – those that rank high in organic search engine results – have one thing in common: they are consistently updated. The Internet is an evolving media, and your website must evolve as well. Websites need to be current or they risk becoming stale, and untended sites regularly fall lower on the list […]

What Makes a Logo Successful?

Really good logos share common traits that make them successful. As with most anything these days, you can buy a logo online from companies offering pre-designed templates from which to choose. Grab a graphic, add your company name set in a snappy typeface, pick a color and you are done!

Signs It Is Time to Redesign Your Website

Websites are a great tool for your marketing toolbox – one that allows you to reach a vast and targeted audience, albeit one user at a time. The question is: Are you getting the most mileage you can out of your website? Here are a few signs that your website is in need of a […]