The Joe’s Deli Marketing Shakeup 2k18

Joe's Deli, Digital Marketing, The Anatomy of Joe's Deli Breakfast Sandwich, illustration

The Joe’s Deli Marketing Shakeup 2k18

Over the past few months we have been working to shake up our marketing strategy for Joe’s Deli. In the midst of dramatic changes in the Elmwood Village, our objective was to hype up their Elmwood Avenue location. Through the campaign we sought to better connect with the people who support Joe’s Deli, along with the local community surrounding the area. Joe introduced Happy Hour, Saturday Brunch, and converted the back room into a game room to encourage local patrons to bring their friends and families together at Joe’s.

Once we decided on the focus, we had to address how we were going to spread the news regarding these exciting new happenings. In order to better communicate with patrons of Joe’s Deli, we changed our tone and applied a lighthearted and spontaneous approach to their social media. Jokes became a staple in the Joe’s social media schedule. So in addition to promoting the new things going on and their regular food spotlights, we challenge ourselves to post at least one joke a week. To stay current with the hottest memes *feels so old writing that* they are usually conceived shortly before they are posted. Along with the jokes, we have been using illustrations in the Joe’s Deli visual language to help reinforce the whimsy of our social media persona.

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Below are a few of the custom graphics we made – with dancing bacon and fish fry heads – to help promote the Joe’s Deli Elmwood location:

Joe's Deli, Digital Marketing, video game, GIF, Animation
Joe's Deli, Digital Marketing, Saturday Brunch, illustration
Joe's Deli, Digital Marketing, Happy Hour, illustration, animation
Joe's Deli, Digital Marketing, Memes, Social media

We know the world of social media changes rapidly, and It can seem like everyone is obsessed with things that you don’t understand or even care about. Ads in the form of clickbait from every corner of the world-wide-web compete for your attention. It can be tough to rise above all this to use social media as a marketing tool, a platform for direct communication between a company and their audience. When applied to marketing your business online, you must consider a few things: who is your audience, what am I promoting, and how frequently do I post.

With Joe’s Deli we have gotten the balance right! Their audience seems to appreciate the new direction with ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on Facebook & Twitter.

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