Website design shares important data with employees

The easy-to-use, custom-designed website encourages an open dialogue between the company and its employees, listing important safety information: data sheets and safety contacts. During the 40 Weeks of Barrett, informative videos were posted to highlight the various aspects of the business, company employees, and other relevant subjects.

Email Marketing, Template Design, Mobile Responsive, Graphic Design

Visual branding that unites four companies

The Barrett stationery set includes business cards, letterheads, and envelope design. OtherWisz designed the brand collateral using the established Barrett Industries logo and color palette. The logo was combined in a graphic lock-up with four company division colors to represent the unity within Barrett Industries business units. This motif is a consistent element throughout the identity system, translating to the letterhead and envelope designs.

Business Card, Stationery Design, Graphic Design

A full stationery package solidifies Barrett’s brand, digitally and in print

OtherWisz designed six different card styles for Barrett, each featuring high contrast, black and white images to represent stages of their production cycle. For a faster networking experience, each card includes a unique QR code. This interactive aspect uploads contact information directly into an address book with a quick snapshot, facilitating the connection between business associates.

Barrett Industries, Business Cards, Stationery, Graphic Design

The email template and signature help strengthen Barrett Industries brand identity both internally and externally. With the 40 Weeks of Barrett event in mind, the email template was designed for in-house management; information can be easily swapped out to meet any content needs throughout the company’s extended celebration. The email blasts are intended to engage employees and boost company morale. Each week, emails are delivered with a different theme and topic. The email signature was developed to reflect the company stationery, so the Barrett brand is consistently and clearly presented each time an email is sent.

Email Signature, Marketing, Graphic Design

Designing the Barrett Industries anniversary book

The Barrett anniversary book is a retrospective that honors the employees that are the reason for their success. The contents of the book details the growth of the company and their subsidiaries in the United States over the past 40 years. OtherWisz carefully managed this project to make sure it was completed in its expedited timeframe, accommodating for the layout of the book, selection and editing of images, copywriting and editing. The 10”x10” coffee table book is full of old photos, stories from the company’s history and infographics that show the progress of the company through each decade. The book was designed to take viewers through the history of the company and show how Barrett Industries exemplifies the mission of their 40th anniversary campaign, “It starts with us.”

OtherWisz custom-designed a map for the Barrett Industries book to show the route of their Ambassador Van Tour around the region

Custom vinyl wrap takes the client’s message on the road

Following the 40 Weeks of Barrett, our client wanted to refresh their signature ambassador van with a new vehicle wrap. Designed to make an immediate impression for viewers, the van wrap promotes the company’s brand message while on the road, “We build the roads you travel.”  The custom-designed vehicle wrap required OtherWisz designers to create an inspiring and approachable visual based on Barrett’s established brand elements that translates well from 2d design to the 3d object, requiring careful consideration for the graphics on each side of the van.

Barrett Van Wrap, Van wrap design, We build the roads you travel, van graphics