Designing for today’s website needs

It was imperative for the BSAW website to accommodate for the current way we search on the internet. More and more, users are drawn to sites from mobile devices and they seek an informative experience that leads them where they need to go. The updated site is easy to navigate with clear imagery and relevant information. Content is organized and easily searchable with careful consideration to the website Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Mobile website design, Law firm, branding

It’s important to note that things change fast online; website updates are required to keep a competitive edge within a search engine’s ranking, therefore this site is easily maintained in-house by the BSAW staff. The new BSAW website is clean and concise to complement their brand identity and ranks well in organic search.

Printed line card and pocket folder design for an attorney

To better market their brand and team, BSAW needed a set of high quality informational line cards to promote their extensive services. The end result is a pocket folder with several line cards introducing the associates and their areas of expertise, along with the law firm’s particular areas of practice.


  • Website Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Linecard Design
  • Pocket Folder Design
Printed line card design law firm services