Logo suite for an optimistic community

OtherWisz developed a logo for the BFNC’s newest revitalization enterprise in the east side of Buffalo, the Westminster Commons senior apartments. We sought to channel the positivity and excitement generated by the opening of this new housing opportunity into the identity design, to create an inspiring brand for the client. The Westminster logo depicts a road leading to a group of houses backed by a radiating sun, each detail selected to capture a strong sense of neighborly unity and optimism. To retain brand consistency, the colors used in the logo were derived from the BFNC logo’s complimentary purple and yellow palette.

The new logo designed by OW for the BFNC's Westminster Commons senior apartments depicts a pathway leading up to a cluster of 3 houses, framed by the ray's of the sun

For the eventual redesign of the BFNC logo, our goal was to convey how their services improve quality of life for people of all ages. The logo is an updated and refined version of the original, which preserves the brand equity the BFNC has built over the last century. Two abstract figures shown arm-in-arm represent the organization’s promise to guide each client on their personal journey with individualized support. The rising sun anticipates a bright future ahead, fueled by a desire to keep moving forward with respect to the legacy of the past.

The new logo designed by OW for the Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers depicts 2 abstract figures arm in arm, framed by a rising sun

Mural design honors a century of service

OtherWisz also had the opportunity to create a mural package for newly renovated office space within the historic Westminster Community House, the precursor to the BFNC that provided a safe haven for diverse immigrant communities throughout the 20th century. The mural uses the hallway’s 3 adjacent walls to establish a triptych – the large center panel includes a timeline of important events in the BFNC’s history, to help visitors learn how the modern organization came to be. Enlarged vintage photographs provided by the client show the evolution of the BFNC over time – these are paired with square and triangular block patterns to evoke the ‘cultural quilt’ that is the Buffalo community.

The BFNC's new mural spans 3 adjacent walls, forming a triptych. The murals use vintage photos from the organization's history

The new wall mural in the Westminster House office space not only adds visual interest, but serves to introduce visitors to the history of the building and the BFNC’s community-based values. By acknowledging the past, ‘enriching lives’, and ‘unlocking potential’, the BFNC will lead the way by ‘reimagining community’ in the years to come.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Manual
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Wall Mural Design
  • Installation Management
The left wall of the BFNC mural shows 2 vintage photos on the upper portion of the wall, paired with a die cut graphic below that reads 'Filling A Need'