Ships from the past, a website designed for the future

When considering the design and functionality of the new site, OtherWisz took cues from other significant military museums in order to give the Naval Park the same presence and level of performance as larger institutions. The new website has a more organized navigation system and a cleaner, streamlined design that puts the main focus on the content, making it easier for potential visitors to locate what they need (park directions, exhibit info, etc.). Graphics and homepage hotkeys call attention to the Donate and Gift Shop pages, helping to draw more support to the museum’s operation.

The design of the new Buffalo Naval & Military Park is clean and streamline, allowing visitors to easily find information about the musuem

Enhanced features make it easy to schedule a visit

Recent upgrades to the Naval Park’s website work to assert the museum as a major attraction on Buffalo’s Inner Harbor, and a destination for tourists from the Buffalo area and beyond. A large video banner is the first thing you see on the homepage, showing aerial footage of the entire park and setting the stage for your museum experience. Visitors can easily schedule a group tour online with the addition of detailed booking forms, which streamline the process and collect all the details that the staff will need to confirm the request.

Visitors are now able to book a self-guided tour at the Naval Park museum with the website's new online ticketing system

The website redesign also included the implementation of an online ticketing system to facilitate self-guided tours of the Naval Park. By automating ticket sales, the new system decreases the amount of leg work that the staff needs to do to accommodate current global health guidelines. While the Naval Park already had an online gift shop, our team updated the design of their Ecommerce solution to fall in line with the overall site redesign and increase the number of items for sale. The new online shop allows the museum to sell gifts, memorabilia and apparel to a wider audience, including out-of-state fans and senior military veterans who might not be able to visit in person but still want to show their support.

OtherWisz upgraded the Ecommerce store on the Naval Park website, allowing visitors to purchase gifts and memorabilia remotely

SEO that’s sure to draw a crowd

As part of the web development process, OtherWisz crafted more tightly focused SEO for the Naval Park website that utilizes keywords tailored to military/navy enthusiasts, veterans, and other relevant demographics. Engaging the park’s target audience through search engine optimization draws more organic traffic to the website and more visitors the museum.


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OtherWisz provided search engine optimization services to the new Naval Park website with keywords targeted to their audience