Creating a sophisticated wordmark for a specific market

The OtherWisz Creative team designed an elegant logo that combined the two names into a well-balanced wordmark. By adding a small graphic, an ornamental element reminiscent of the woodworking in grand homes, the logo reflects the higher-end real estate market the company has become known for working within. Thinking about the environment in which the logo would often appear, a secondary logo, knocked out of a solid shape, readies the brand for real estate design signage and business card usage.

Logo design, black and white, Real estate logo

Designing beyond the trifold brochure

To re-introduce the company, we developed a six-panel, long-fold brochure that would stand out from traditional trifold brochures or large postcards (typical marketing formats in the real estate industry). By combining architectural details from classic homes, photos, testimonials and information describing the company and their services, we created the perfect introduction to Chubb’s new visual brand.


  • Logo Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Brand Development
Brochure design, realtor, branding, Western New York