Designing for a New Brand

Designing for an undefined brand – when no design standards were available yet – poses unique challenges compared to working with an established identity. Using the new website as a guide, the OtherWisz team adapted elements and design styles into a cohesive and visually striking banners for Fibermat.

Event banner design requires a thoughtful organization of the content to work as an indoor billboard. With a balanced distribution of headlines and images, laid out for maximum visibility across the room, these banners need just enough information to draw in a perspective client.

Colas Solutions Inc., visual branding, event material design, pop-up banner design, trade show materials, product marketing

Brochure and Line Card Design for Highest Impact

The same information was reconfigured into a 4-page, 8.5 x 11″ brochure, creating a logical hierarchy for effective communication. Filled with testing data, charts and images, this brochure served as a compelling take-home piece.

To support the Colas sales team, we condensed the brochure into a concise 2-sided line card designed to fit standard product binders.

Colas Solutions Inc., visual branding, event material design, brochure design

Strategic Design Streamline

Determining how to streamline information for various formats while ensuring usability posed a challenge. We worked with the client to prioritize key details on event banners, emphasizing the principle “less is more”. The brochure design was positioned as the detailed resource for those seeking a more in-depth understanding. Despite not having been involved in the initial brand design, our team at OtherWisz successfully engaged with the new brand, identifying effective visual elements and styles that yielded tangible results for the client.


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Layout
  • Production and Printing Management
Colas Solutions Inc., visual branding, event material design, line card design