Beginning the journey to developing a police museum

Our first exhibit project was the museum design, development and installation of a display of historic and modern firearms. Titled “Weapon Systems,” the exhibit is a glass case of wall-mounted handguns, rifles and specialty weapons (including a taser, stun grenade and gas gun).

Exhibit design, firearm museum, police museum, taser cartridges

Custom-designed barrel mounts blend into the environment, putting the focus on the firearms — the pieces seem to float on a white birch wood back panel printed with a technical diagram of a Glock. The light-colored wood board provides the perfect contrast to the black metal of the guns.

OtherWisz worked with the Cheektowaga Police Department’s Range Master to develop the informational panels. Our research highlighted the history and technical details of the firearms to provide an educational and visually interesting museum design.

Exhibit design, firearm museum, police museum, taser cartridges

Expanding the museum with a uniforms and equipment display

Following the completion of the firearms exhibit, we started on the design of a matching case displaying police uniforms and the equipment they carry. Two fully-outfitted mannequins highlight the differences between the uniforms of a Lieutenant and a Police Officer, and include fully-equipped belts carrying handcuffs, batons, handguns and cartridges, flashlights, pepper spray, radios and more.

The Uniforms and Equipment exhibit OtherWisz designed for the Cheektowaga Police Dept includes two fully-outfitted mannequins

The uniforms and equipment case also has a printed birch background board and a header with gold letters, visually linking it to the matching display. A graphic ‘key’ points out the locations of each piece of equipment on the belts, while mounted collar brass pins accompanied by rank descriptions rest below. On the glass front of the case, we adhered an info panel that asks visitors to guess how much the equipment weighs in total – over 25 pounds! – which then flips up to reveal the answer.

A flip-up card on the CPD Uniforms and Equipment display acts as an interactive exhibit component