About the artist

Anne Currier is a sculptor who has been a major figure in contemporary ceramic art since the 1980’s. Currier’s approach to ceramics is both sensitive and critical. The hand-built DP series of sculptures have an almost machine-like execution, but that precise craftsmanship is what Anne is known for. Her sculptures are in numerous international and national museums and private collections including the Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In 2018, she received the Langley H. Kenzie award, granting her the solo exhibition at the Burchfield Penney; she also received the Virginia Groot fellowship in 2017.

Anne Currier, ceramic artist, hanging sculptures, glaze

Ties to Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Currier and Boston Valley have collaborated on several projects in the past. Together, they have created interior tile walls for Alfred University’s Miller Theater, the Boston Valley Conference Room, and the tiled entranceway for 1 Great Jones Alley in New York City. As we designed this project representing the artist, we also considered Boston Valley’s branding and message, and how to convey both the artist and the manufacturer with integrity and accuracy.

Display, Artist Catalog, Book design, layout, cover art, Anne Currier

Approaching the book design

The Display catalogue was designed to reflect the artist’s style. Aesthetic choices highlight the sculptural work of Currier, taking cues from her artistic approach. Digging deep to craft the narrative of this body of work, we sought to illustrate the production experience for viewers to remember the exhibit by. The book functions as both a documentation of an event and as a sales catalogue, intended to promote the combined talents of the artist and the manufacturer. It also helps architects and designers to understand the production of the terra cotta tiles, from the studio to the factory.

Artist book layout, publication design, artist statement, display

Design details

The size and shape of the book mimic the proportion of the tiles used in “Continuum,” both having generous horizontal space. Photos and typography sit on a modular grid, creating a rhythm that moves across the page and focuses reflection on the body of work and its supporting content.

Display, Artist Catalog, Book design, layout, cover art, Anne Currier