Designing a Branded Menu

We initiated the project by conducting thorough research on the center and Ukrainian culture to inform the menu design, developing a variety of layout options. Using the colors of the Ukraine flag, elements from vintage cultural imagery, a stylized border, and appropriate fonts, we achieved a successful design reflecting the cuisine as well as the rich heritage of Ukraine.

Given the client’s preference for easy in-house updates to this document, we designed the menu in Microsoft Word. This multi-page document was edited, refined, and delivered to the client with room to grow and change as needed.

Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, menu design, branding, brand design, graphic design

Branding Beyond Borders: Logo and Internal Signage Integration

Located in a historic building on Buffalo’s Eastside, the client requested that the logo include this structure as part of the visual brand. Our team developed a simplified line-art depiction of the center’s building, that kept unique details of the structure, making it recognizable as DniPro’s home, but could still work as a logo. The hallmark of the best logomarks are smart and simple designs created to ensured versatility in scale – it needs to be instantly recognizable on a large scale (billboards and signage), as well as on a small scale (business cards and postcards).

Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, logo design, branding, brand design, graphic design

During the development phase, we presented the client a variety of layout and font options to review based around the illustration. Since the building illustration still retained a certain amount of detail, we also developed a secondary logomark, replacing the building with the Ukraine trident from the country’s coat of arms, which proved to be more suitable for smaller applications. After a few rounds of editing and refinement, a successful brand identiy for Dnipro emerged.

The need for a set of bulletin board headers led to the creation of a set of (8) 8″x 36″ interior signs with titles in both Ukrainian and English, complementing the visual branding of the menu and logo design. The client had the artwork printed and installed on-site.

Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, logo design, branding, brand design, graphic design

Long-Term Success with Easily Adaptable Design

OtherWisz designed a versatile, easily updatable menu with a well-branded design. The addition of a logo featuring a detailed illustration that can be resized universally completed this collaborative project.


  • Logo Design
  • Menu Layout
  • Interior Sign Design
Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, graphic design, interior sign design, environmental design