A user-friendly and engaging platform with significant improvements

Overall, the website’s numerous issues significantly impaired its usability and left users frustrated. To address these problems, OtherWisz reorganized navigation with a new sitemap and highlighted the unique services and differences between the 2 locations.

Large buttons were added on the homepage for easy location selection. Videos showcasing the active assisted living community were strategically placed throughout the site, along with brand-aligned photos, floor plans, and amenities for each location.

The result was a user-friendly and engaging website with significant improvements. The site became more mobile responsive and visually appealing, effectively promoting the active and vibrant nature of the facility.

The new Fredonia Place website is easy to navigate and discover what Fredonia Place has to offer.
The new Fredonia Place website showcases the Williamsville assisted living room floor plan layouts.

A comprehensive analysis and integrated approach

Our approach involved a comprehensive analysis, including a review of local competition, to optimize the presentation of amenities and the separation of the two locations. Dynamic events calendars were incorporated for both locations, along with meal calendars displaying food for each day.  Tying these to their existing Outlook calendar system, staff were now able to more easily mange the events and menu content, no longer having to update information in multiple places.

An online Resident Application and a new contact form were added to improve the user experience.

A dynamic and expressive reflection of identity and offerings

Overall, the website now better reflects Fredonia Place’s identity and offerings, ranking higher in search results, and providing a dynamic and expressive presentation of their culture and mission.


  • Website Design and Development
The new Fredonia Place website is easy to navigate and discover what Fredonia Place has to offer.