A logo derived from nature

With a handful of projects and a company name, David came to OtherWisz Creative looking to brand and promote his green roof business in a way that would help to educate his residential audience. Inspired by natural forms, the logo suggests a succulent plant, popular in green roof design. The graphic is paired with a modern, sans-serif font rendered in shades of green, promoting the tagline “Beyond Sustainability,” which promises the additional benefits a garden roof can bring to your home. The logo mark was featured prominently on the back of Greentop’s business cards, creating a striking first impression.

Business card design, landscaping, green, plants

Customized vinyl stickers are great for promo

While working on the Forge on Broadway’s green roof, Greentop was looking for a convenient way to identify their workers and get their company name out into the world. Our solution was to create vinyl stickers with a custom die-cut that could be applied just about anywhere, helping to easily identify who was a part of their crew.  Not only are stickers easy and engaging touchpoints for a company, they are also an affordable method to promote your brand.

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Promoting Greentop online

A new business venture needs a way to reach potential customers to increase awareness of their products and services. As a startup business with a close eye on its budget, Greentop focused on internet promotion. At the time of the company’s inception, green roof services were not a common feature for residential homes. OtherWisz created an information-rich website to capture the interest of potential customers researching sustainable building solutions online. The web design included colorful photos of past projects with detailed information on the benefits of roof top gardens, plus easily accessible contact information.

Working with OtherWisz Creative, David was able to launch his start-up brand within a modest budget.

Logo design, branding, landscaping, green, plants

Promotional booklet design

Following the completion of a 17,000 sq. foot green roof for The Forge on Broadway apartments, Greentop wished to highlight the milestone project as a printed case study. OtherWisz designed a small, landscape brochure booklet centered around The Forge’s green roof that will be sent to potential clients as part of a promotional package. Our team worked with the client to develop the brochure’s content, making sure to include the project’s specifications, materials used, and info on the installation process.

Multiple copies of the Greentop Case Study Booklet displayed, showing the cover design with the otherwisz creative designed greentop logo prominently displayed over the green roof

The horizontal layout of the case study booklet allows the images enough breathing room to establish them as the primary focal point of the booklet. The written content supplements and informs viewers, without distracting from the visuals. Greentop’s succulent logo was used as a recurring element throughout the brochure, screened back over images or layered under text; this adds subtle visual interest on each page while reinforcing the client’s brand as viewers flip through the booklet.

The Greentop Case Study Booklet highlights the work our client did on The Forge on Broadway Green Roof in Buffalo, NY