A logo derived from nature

The Greentop logo design is based on the succulent plant or “sedum”, which is a common component of green roofs. Below the graphic is a “Beyond Sustainability” tagline, which hints at the added environmental benefits a green roof can have for your property. We also designed vinyl stickers that accentuate the logo with a custom die-cut. As these can be applied to just about anywhere – including crew members’ hard hats and promotional plant pots – the stickers proved to be an affordable and engaging touchpoint for Greentop’s brand promotion.

Glossy vinyl die cut stickers for Greentop feature their succulent-inspired logo and are great for promotional marketing

Case study brochure showcases major build

Following the completion of a 17,000 sq. foot green roof for The Forge on Broadway apartments, Greentop wanted to highlight the milestone project as a printed case study. We developed a small brochure booklet centered around The Forge’s green roof that details its specifications and installation process, supported by hero images of the completed project. The brochure was sent to contractors, building owners, and other potential clients as part of a promotional package.

The Greentop Case Study Booklet highlights the work our client did on The Forge on Broadway Green Roof in Buffalo, NY

Cultivate buzz at trade shows and industry events

OtherWisz also assisted Greentop with display design for a regional Stormwater Conference, which was attended by many Erie County policy makers. We worked with the client to tailor their messaging for this specific audience, promoting vegetated roofs as an efficient and sustainable method for stormwater management. A 7 foot tall pop-up banner paired with a fitted table throw – dye-sub printed on all four sides – was an affordable way to draw attention at the conference, and garnered a lot of strong leads and inquires for Greentop.

A vertical pop-up banner and matching branded table cover make Greentop stand out at trade shows and conferences


  • Visual Identity & Logo
  • Stationery
  • Promotional Materials
  • Website Design
  • Trade Show Display
  • Brochure Design
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