It all starts with a plan

To kick-off this project, we met with the team at HLS to get a more complete picture of their services, their guests, and their role in the community. Johnson noted, “The old website was difficult to navigate, did not offer a clear picture of HLS, and was also extremely difficult to edit internally.” Working directly with their staff, our designers developed a revised site map to help HLS list and organize their service offerings, and make it much easier for users to navigate.

The new Heart Love & Soul website design is fully responsive for mobile, table and desktop devices.

New photography is worth 1,000 words

The OW team provided copywriting services to update and refine all of HLS’ content – especially related to their programs – making sure to include relevant keywords that will help the new website be more easily found by people searching online. We also scheduled a half day photoshoot on-location at HLS, which allowed us to capture authentic photos of the facility for use on the new website. These photos show interactions between the HLS guests and employees in a way that stock photography never could, adding to the candid and hopeful impression the website gives of the organization.

Before and after views of the Heart Love & Soul website – the difference in visual design and functionality is amazing!

The newly-launched website has completely transformed how HLS is externally viewed and understood, giving the organization the ability to promote their services to people in need and appeal to future donors, other community service providers, potential volunteers and the Niagara Falls community.

“The new website absolutely improves our ability to connect with a broader audience,” said Johnson. “Everything is at the fingertips of the user who now can easily contact us with any questions, develop a complete understanding of Heart, Love and Soul, understand how we can help them, how they connect with on social media, and much more.”


  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
The redesigned Heart Love & Soul website makes it easy for users to find information on community services