Creating communication materials for an established brand

OtherWisz is often called to work with clients that have an established brand or existing visuals. Unfortunately, many non-profits lack the time and budget to create a fully realized brand. Our role in these cases is to expand and sharpen the focus of their existing materials. In the instance of HOME, we worked primarily to expand an existing color palette, sourcing new imagery, and fine-tuning their messaging to bring a fresh look to their collateral and advertisements. The updates to their visual brand were developed to convey a serious mood in the ads, expressing the uncomfortable disconnect experienced by those who are unjustly denied access to housing. In these new brochures, we wanted to make sure the important information became more accessible for people who need to know about the work HOME does for the community.

The Main Services printed trifold brochure designed by OtherWisz Creative for non-profit HOME

Designing and translating the brochures into six different languages

The brochure set designed for HOME is comprised of several topics: Services, Tenant Rights, and a Landlord Guide. To ensure that their campaign had a wide reach, it was important that HOME’s information be available to non-English speakers. OtherWisz was provided with different translated content for each brochure type, representing a variety of languages spoken by cultural groups in Buffalo: Arabic, Spanish, Somali, Karen, and Burmese. Time and effort was designated to configure each translated text correctly, making sure that it was legible in each language. After each translation was typeset, the different adaptations of the brochures were sent to the translator and proofread for accuracy.

The landlord brochure is translated into Karen to expand the reach of the client's message

Using a serious visual style to convey the message

The ad campaign included the conceptualization and development of bus shelter and interior bus advertisements, which were implemented throughout the City of Buffalo. In the ads, figures are isolated from the background, creating visual dissonance using contrast and depth. To effectively address the wide diversity of the target audience, HOME’s message was kept focused and direct. Color was used sparingly, creating the focus on the stark image and the messaging.

Outdoor bus advertisements at bus stops for the HOME campaign

Representing people of many backgrounds

To reach a broad audience, special consideration was given to the selection of the stock photos used throughout the campaign to best portray HOME’s audience- people of diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Care was taken to represent people of different races, ages, genders, sexualities, levels of ability/disability, and to show various relationship dynamics. Establishing this diversity creates a broader appeal, enabling more viewers to relate to the campaign, ultimately helping them to focus on what can often be subtle signs of discrimination.

Interior Bus Advertisements for HOME informs viewers the signs of housing discrimination