Bringing consistency to a growing brand

OtherWisz Creative’s work with Independent Nursing Care (INC) started in 2005. The growing business had expanded its services beyond home health care to include immunizations and flu shots, as well as services in the growing healthy lifestyles industry. These newly diversified service offerings created sudden changes that caused the marketing message to lose focus.

Pocket folder and linecards, promotional print materials

To remedy the scattered messaging, OtherWisz was tasked with unifying three divisions with a single marketing piece and new brand aesthetics. OtherWisz designed an all-in-one brochure that introduced the company and cross-promoted its primary services. The brochure fit into a customizable pocket folder that included a personalized letter and a selection of line cards that outline additional healthcare services. With this new sales package, INC was able to promote their core message while advertising their product.

Pocket folder and linecards, promotional print materials

Beyond the brochure

OtherWisz has worked with INC to create a variety of marketing tools throughout the years, designing bi-monthly newsletters, educational brochures, event collateral, health services booklets and a company website. All of these promotional pieces share consistent visual branding with unified colors and imagery, promoting the same focused message along with INC’s array of services.

In recent years we have developed marketing strategies for INC’s flu season and the travel immunizations programs, and have begun developing the brand identity for a new holistic health care division.

Business cards, service line cards, print promotional materials to market a health care company