The new Ingold Law logo is clean and stylish

After meeting face-to-face with the client, we learned that she had the idea of using an hourglass to represent the firm and their work. This gave our team a starting point for the logo design, which began by sketching multiple versions of a stylized hourglass form. With iterations varying from abstract to traditional, we presented several options to the client for review. After a few rounds of edits, the resulting final mark is illustrative and stylistic, yet easily recognizable.

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The shape of the hourglass borrows components of the typeface we used to build the wordmark – specifically the uppercase letter I which resembles the container of an hourglass – forming a solid relationship between the two parts of the logo. By creating this strong visual link between the hourglass and wordmark, the Ingold Law logo becomes a tight lock-up as the basis of the client’s new visual brand.

Further developing the company’s visual identity, OtherWisz created an alternate horizontal version of the logo to work in different applications. A selection of brand colors were chosen to work with the Ingold Law identity. The color palette of green and gold was inspired by the aesthetics of the client’s office design and the principle’s tastes.

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A new set of business cards continues the clean aesthetic of the Ingold brand

A new business card design was created to complement the updated Ingold logo. Taking a nod from the simplified forms of the logo, the business cards are clean and balanced. The design uses larger typefaces so the information is easy for their older clientele to read. To complete the project, the new cards were printed on a premium, heavyweight stock. An alternate ‘deluxe’ version was developed for the senior staff, printed on an even heavier stock with the addition of hand-painted gold edging.


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  • Stationery
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