Expanding brand recognition with a new visual identity and tagline

The new Literacy Buffalo Niagara visual identity differentiates the organization from other local non-profits. The logo depicts a group of people rising from a book to symbolize the impact of the organization and the community effort required to uplift those who need help most. The mark conveys an immediate message that would allow viewers to understand what LBN does at a glance, even to individuals with limited reading skills. The new logo was accompanied by the new tagline, “Change Starts With A Word” which was selected from several options written by our team.

Translating the brand to an illustrated brochure

The Literacy brand is defined by its vibrant colors and playful illustrations. Relying on the LBN brand standards, OtherWisz adapted the visual style into an informative brochure that is designed to provide a seamless reading experience for viewers. Whether they donate, become a tutor, or learn more about volunteer opportunities through the organization, readers are encouraged to do their part for literacy.

Gatefold brochure design for literacy non-profit organization.

Improving LBN’s marketing strategy and visibility with a new website

OtherWisz Creative redesigned LBN’s non-profit website to strengthen their online presence and solidify their brand. The Literacy Buffalo Niagara website is a useful resource for students, tutors, and donors to learn more about the organization and how to get involved. Since non-profits usually work with limited resources, the website was designed for longevity: updates are easy to make and information is carefully sorted in the most streamlined way possible.

Improved navigation and illustrations help users find what they need

Accessibility was central to the website design process, taking into consideration brand messaging for people with different levels of English comprehension. Recognizing the audiences that LNYBN reaches, the website uses descriptive imagery to communicate their message and applies color as a wayfinding tool, guiding users to where they need to go.

Non-Profit Website Design, Mobile Responsive, LNYBN, Literacy

LBN’s website design and online brand present a fun and engaging visual language; playful illustrations are bright, colorful, and spark the imagination of the viewer. These visuals add a level of depth to their brand and speak to their mission, simultaneously navigating the issue of their students’ anonymity and communicating the services they offer.

A colorful illustration for the Literacy New York Buffalo Niagara Non-Profit Website, showing a woman standing in front of a life-size open book that is opening to another world

The color palette was built upon the established brand of Literacy Buffalo Niagara and guides users to the most important sections of the site. In total, there are three different audiences that needed to be addressed in the site’s organization: volunteers, students, and donors. In order to best communicate across different audiences, the navigation is presented immediately on the website. The buttons intended for students are color-coded and use plain language to bring people where they need to go for an easy, navigable user experience.


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