Posters bring character to non-profit fundraiser event

To help promote their annual fundraising event, we created a set of literary character-themed posters for LNYBN. By reducing well-known characters to simple one color graphics – each matched with a stylized headline and border – we created a game of “guess the book”. Rendered in only 2 colors, this striking set of images was presented on postcards, invites, and event graphics; these became popular collectibles for event patrons as they sought to collect the full set of six “Cocktails in Character” posters to take home. The poster set won two Silver Addy Awards in 2014.

Event marketing, branding, non-profit, Buffalo NY

Currently, OtherWisz Creative is in the final stages of developing a new website for LNYBN, in order to promote their educational services and help connect adult literacy students with volunteer tutors. We are also in the process of performing a brand audit for the LNYBN, and will eventually be updating the organization’s visual brand to strengthen its impact on the WNY community.


  • Print Design
  • Promotional Materials
  • Event Poster Design
Event Marketing, logo design, marketing, branding, non-profit