Promoting their message with a new digital tool

The new Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County website was created with a streamlined user experience in mind. The design is clean and easy to understand, leading students and tutors to the sections of the website that are most relevant to their diverging needs. With the new website, LVWC is able to promote the different programs they offer for both adults and children while also attracting new volunteers and donors. The hotkeys on the website direct users to the most important pages on their site: the student and tutor landing pages, volunteer and donation information.

screenshots from the Literacy website design show how the navigation is streamlined to emphasize the most important parts of the website

Mobile websites are accessible for all

Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County’s specific target audiences often rely on their phones to access the internet due to poor WiFi service in their rural area. To address this specific issue, we needed to make sure the mobile version of this website was carefully designed for their users. Today’s design standards require all websites to have mobile responsive functionality, and all OtherWisz websites are created to exceed standard requirements with accessibility in mind.

Website communicates client brand

Every design choice in the new website helps communicate Literacy Volunteer’s brand; the rich green and orange palette was developed to complement the existing logo and bring a lively energy to the literacy website. The typography on the page is a balance between the legible sans serif used for the body copy and the headlines’ subtle and friendly slab serif, both working to communicate the welcoming character of the Literacy Volunteers brand.

The CMS website is built for user functionality. The donate and volunteer pages on the Literacy Wayne County website provide a destination for those who are looking to support this non-profit

Early content planning ensures the success of the website

Good content is key to the success of every website and is needed to accurately represent the organization to their users. In addition to informative content describing their programs, we arranged to include student success stories on the homepage to help convey a positive brand image for LVWC. As a result, Literacy Volunteers can unambiguously show what they do and how they do it, supported by corresponding images of students learning and reading.


  • Website Design
  • SEO Development
In the development of the LVWC website, we included specific destinations for relevant testimonials and success stories, highlighting the positive impact of Literacy in the community