Step 1: Find the main brand message

The OtherWisz team began with a Brand Audit to gain deeper insight into this product, its brand messaging, and Mirabalm’s competition within the adhesive remover market. We found that Mirabalm is one of the only products available that uses no artificial ingredients, making it truly safe for use on skin. Our marketing strategy for Mirabalm was based around this fact, positioning it apart from the competition as an all-natural, quality, and compassionate brand. However, a product with all-natural ingredients usually commands a higher price point; we found it relevant to justify this cost by updating Mirabalm’s visual identity, presenting it as a premium brand – without sacrificing the authentic human connection for which it is known.

Mirabalm Brand Voice

Refreshing the product with a new logo and visual style

The redesign of Mirabalm’s visual identity retains some its existing brand equity, while promoting a contemporary visual style that makes it more identifiable to consumers as a natural skin care product. We developed a new logo for Mirabalm inspired by their original icon and logotype: a minimal, organic shape implies the delicate lifting of leaves or butterfly wings (representing the product’s gentle but effective action), complemented by a light and modern monoline font. The logo and accompanying visuals are rendered in a bright, energetic palette of teals and pinks, which is sure to catch a shopper’s eye on the shelf among the somewhat cliché, neutral aesthetic of many “natural” products.

Mirabalm Bottle Label Before and After

Exploring new territory with expanded marketing

The OtherWisz team developed a plan to roll out Mirabalm’s new visual brand across various touchpoints such as social media, product packaging, and an updated e-commerce website. Our digital marketing strategy included branded graphic templates that Mirabalm can post on Facebook and Instagram, plus a coordinated advertising campaign on both Google and social platforms. Ad content was targeted to audience segments in new and expanded demographics, including Type 1 Diabetics, Seniors, and Senior Care Workers. We also devised a set of standards to ensure the brand’s proper usage across these and future applications.

Mirabalm Social Media

Updated website makes online shopping easy

Mirabalm’s marketing push was launched in concert with a newly updated e-commerce site that is easy for consumers to navigate, providing important information about the product and its intended usage. The new brand is reflected throughout the site via the color palette, photography, and language that has been crafted to express the product’s key benefits. Mirabalm’s website features a fully responsive layout that adapts to desktop, laptop and mobile screens, allowing users to shop from any device. The site’s e-commerce functionality also includes the option for a convenient subscription service, which will help to create returning customers.

Mirabalm Assorted Online Marketing