Clean, modern designs lend a streamlined client experience

Working on the two websites simultaneously, the OtherWisz team was able to maintain a clean and modern aesthetic across the board – however, each site has a unique design that accommodates different purposes and user audiences. The new Deronde website design has expanded the display to full browser width, with plenty of white space and a less-crowded layout. The company’s business hinges on contractors, architects and engineers ordering online through quote forms, so it was important that these get updated to be more usable and visually appealing. Hotkeys and call-to-action (CTA) banners strategically placed throughout the site direct users to the forms for easy access. With added photos of Deronde’s finished products and concise descriptions, the new site has become a fully-developed and user friendly sales tool.

The new Deronde website has become a fully developed and user friendly sales tool for their door and frame products

Fabrication website promotes specialized services

The other side of Munschauer Inc is Atech, their metal fabrication shop. Atech is more focused on selling their capabilities and expertise, not an end product like their sister company Deronde. To this end, the updated Atech site was designed to target an audience of industrial designers and engineers in search of custom metal fabrication for a project. Detailed specs about their state-of-the-art equipment plus photos and videos of the machinery in use communicate Atech’s years of experience in the industry to their clients.

The new Atech website was designed to market their metal fabrication capabilities and expertise

Branding upgrades are the finishing touch

Both Munschauer website projects came with an opportunity to upgrade each company’s logo. For Atech, we modernized their existing logo with new typefaces and digitized the pixel-based art to make it usable in wider variety of applications – not just the website, but apparel, stationery, and more.

Logo redesign for ATECH metal fabricator refined the shape of the initial for greater legibility

The Deronde logo redesign allowed us more freedom to explore a strong and modern visual brand for the company. Our team developed an “open door-and-frame” logo mark that speaks to their specialized niche in the product market, complete with solid industrial typefaces and a refreshed color scheme.

Launched in spring of 2022, the new websites catapulted these 75-year-old companies into the 21st century with a design facelift and functionality overhaul, making a great first impression of their products and services.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Logo Design
The Deronde logo design features a simple graphic representation of the company's product, metal doors and frames