Extensive content shaped into a systematic flow

Transforming the content from a hard copy book into a manageable website was a lengthy process. The sitemap was carefully considered by our team and NAMI to ensure the flow of information is logical and easy to understand. On the OW design team’s end, the entirety of the content needed to be intensely assessed and broken down, then reorganized into a structure that placed every piece in an appropriate location on the website. NAMI’s handbook content now has a clear hierarchy within a mega-menu that helps users find what they need, easily connecting them to relevant programs and treatment resources.

The NAMI website design is a robust online resource with many pages. The sitemap phase determined the organized layout of the pages. The website uses a megamenu within the navigation to direct users to their destination.

Mobile-responsive web design is a must

To suit the cross platform and device requirements of today’s online standards, the NAMI website is built to easily adapt to a variety of devices. Whether a visitor accesses the site on a desktop or mobile device, they will have the same streamlined user experience. The demand to conform to multiple screen sizes is a common web design practice, and is a feature that we implement across every website designed by OtherWisz Creative.

screenshot of mobile responsive website for NAMI Buffalo

Content-rich and SEO driven

Since the website is based off of NAMI’s handbook, it is already rich with content. We implemented an SEO strategy based on this content to help direct more organic search traffic to the NAMI site, getting their essential resources in front of a wider audience. Well developed SEO ensures that search engines are indexing your website by defining what content is on each page to their crawling bots. It is because of this that every page on the massive NAMI site is supplemented with carefully crafted SEO.

the NAMI website design is content rich for users looking to educate themselves on mental illness. the keyword rich content and targeted SEO on the website improves search engine ranking and organic web traffic

Web maintenance made easy

As a result of both parties’ hard work, NAMI now has a web tool that allows them to help people struggling with mental health. NAMI employees will be able to update content, classes, and resources on their own – edits can now be made as needed, without reprinting the hard copy handbook. The development of the NAMI website also included a training manual and training session to further this end, helping to familiarize staff with their site’s functions. The development of NAMI’s easy-to-use website is a great example of how accessible online resources can make a difference in the community.


  • Website Design
  • Web Training
  • Project Management
The NAMI website design included a training session to teach the client how to update their custom CMS website on their own. The training session comes with an informative training manual for reference.